My name is Alexandra Harrison and I am probably being ridiculously stupid. I am trying my best to not make this embarrassing in anyway, but I will probably read this in 45 minutes time and recoil in horror on what I am now writing. I mean, it’s embarrassing right? Starting a blog.

I wanted to begin writing on here because I loved ‘blogging’ on my instagram (@a.lexandra.catherine). I loved taking photographs that matched a specific colour palette, writing little captions and making amazing friends on there. (I’m making it sound like I’m instagram famous – in reality I have 239 followers) But, my instagram was a very open platform, I guess. Lots of my peers followed and I felt conscious exposing a little too much of my true self. On here, well, let’s be honest I’m practically talking to myself. I do not expect anyone to read this. If they do, great, you’re not invading my privacy or anything (let’s be friends!) but I just feel like this is a slightly more appropriate way to be ‘Internet me.’ Wow, that’s a bad phrase I’ve got to change that.

If you are reading this, then wow. You’re easily engaged and I guess I should tell you a tiny bit about myself (I’ll try to be quick!) I’m 14 *38 year old man who thinks I’m artsy and interesting instantly clicks off* Wait, I’ve said nothing that implies I’m in any way artsy or interesting, but still, the age probably acts as a deterrent. Pretend you’re reading a novel from a 14 year olds point of view, maybe that will convince you to stick around. Anyway, I live in England and to be honest I love it here. I love the architecture, the weather, the books, films and television, the people I’ve met here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else, but I’d love to travel the world. I love books (a lot!!)  I might do a blog post on my favourite books but some of my favourite authors are; H.G. Wells, Harper Lee, Sylvia Plath, Wilfred Owen, Richard Matheson, Aldous Huxley, Markus Zusak, William Golding, JK Rowling and the list goes on. I will probably do a lot of bookish blog posts on here. I also love writing and it’s what I want to do when I ‘grow up’ I’ve enjoyed it for so so long, and I am so passionate about it. My favourite things to write are short stories and poems. My Dad says I write like Iain Banks – but obviously not as good, but I agree, it’s sort of my style. Photography is also a love of mine (hence instagram obsession) and I am currently taking a GCSE Digital Photography course. And lastly, music. I love me some music. I go Glastonbury Music Festival every year and another one called Greenman in Wales. I’ve also been to Beuatiful Days in Devon before (and I love all the festivals for different reasons). I will go into my favourite bands/artists in the future, but I don’t want to make this too long so I’ll probably just shut up.

I also love cats. Just thought I’d put that out there.

That was weird. Talking about myself. You never really think about what sort of person you are. There’s other things about me, but I felt like it was extremely narcissistic to talk about myself for about 500 words… which brings me onto my last point. My attitude towards this blog. Well at the beginning, I was saying how I felt ridiculous writing this etc. and I still do but I also think it’s ridiculous that I feel that way. Why should I feel stupid starting a blog? I can embarrass myself, I’m 14, I’m bound to make cringe-worthy mistakes. It’s part of me growing up. And we’re all allowed to do stuff that other people  find stupid. I don’t understand why I put so much emphasis on other people’s opinions, what made them matter so much to me? Who defined what’s ‘cool’ (I hate that word so much, I sound like my mum) but who did. I’m buying into this idea, that you have to do certain things to be accepted. I mean I know you can apply that philosophy to pretty much anything, I mean somethings are just damn right unacceptable, but I’m talking about starting a word press at 14 years and making a blog post, that took  two hours to write, about myself.  So, my dear (probably non existent) friends, the moral of this tale is if you want to start a god damn blog, you start that god damn blog. If you want to start a youtube channel dedicated to cats, you start that god damn youtube channel, because I can guarantee some d*ck that has picked on you before has started their own youtube channel, and they’re loving it. You are not ridiculous, you’re great, especially if you’ve read to the end; and I’m not counting myself on that one, I’ve read this too many times. You do whatever the hell you want my friends, go forth, and um… do whatever you want  to do. Yay.

Thank you so much for reading,




36 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Oh my GOD.
    You, my friend, are literally someone I could read about for hours. Don’t EVER feel ridiculous – damn, I was 14 when I started my first blog. 15 now, but there ya go. England here too! 🙂 I LOVE your writing and your blogging style. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Can I fangirl/rave over Harry Potter with you? Hehe. You seem honestly fantastic. And the comment you left on my blog? YOUR blog is what I want to be. It’s engenius and you’re going to go so far with it; I know you are. Keep it up and ALWAYS keep writing, because you’ve got such a talent for it.

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  2. Hi! Just wanted to say hi because I’m about to go and read the rest of your posts now… I think you’re awesome, just from reading this first one. Welcome to the blogosphere! Hope we can maybe be friends… ah that sounds cheesy but yeah.. ok.. well hi and good job doing what you want and defying what society deems as “cool”. 🙂

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    1. wow thank you so much! Of course I’ll be your friend! (I’m just changing my layout right now) but I’ll be over on your page very soon. Seriously, comments like that mean so so so much, thank you for your kindness

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  3. Hahaha you’ve got to here this loud and clear, Alex. I have come to a clear conclusion that you are really amazing and pretty cool from the 1000 words or so that I’ve read. (Yup, I’ve read it all, already, lol)
    I’m so glad we met. Virtually. 😛 WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE *crazy welcoming hand gestures*


  4. This was such a great introduction post! I too felt iffy about starting a blog also as a teen. Like, what about my writing will interest people? But, I like the tone of this post very much


  5. HAHA i can so relate to the instagram part… I was so self conscious about my instagram that I made another one and my friends were weirdly still trying to follow it… Which was like whaaaaa because it was a new username. Then i had to delete that one and made another one -_- my instagram days are pretty much over

    And ehm what…. we’ll love reading about you! Great intro post HAHA mine was pretty lame compared to yours :p

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  6. Holy poo this is FRICKING AMAZING. My first post was like…um..hi…I like dancing…I hope you like my blog. Whereas this was fantastic! Your personality totally comes through wow I’M FOLLOWING! YOU CAN’T STOP ME xx

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  7. I don’t think it’s ridiculous starting a blog or genuinely wanting to make new friends at all, Alex! It was great reading your honest and raw thoughts. And it’s even more commendable that you’re starting to blog at 14. I know quite a few strong voices in the blogosphere that started out young (such as my friends Thomas at The Quiet Voice and Aimee at Deadly Darlings). I think you’ll soon learn that this hobby is quite addicting and satisfying.

    Anyhow, welcome to the blogosphere! I’m so glad you decided to start a blog. We’re happy to have you here.

    Happy blogging,
    Summer at Xingsings


    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I am finding blogging very fulfilling and addictive, I am so glad I started writing! Thanks for the support, people like you make me so happy on here 🙂


  8. One of the best blog posts I’ve read in such a long time. It was both encouraging, exciting, hilarious and quite simply brilliant!
    I love your style of writing and I love how real and raw you come across in your posts! You are inspirational!

    Keeping writing Alex! You’re brilliant!
    Lots of love from South Africa,

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    1. Thank you so much this comment has literally made my entire day… week… year. It makes me so happy that the things I strive for in my blog are actually happening. There are so many amazing writes on this site and it means so much that you think I’m one of them. You are inspirational for being so lovely to randoms strangers, I will most definitely check out your blog!

      Lots of love from England!

      And well, you already know my name

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  9. Holy shit sunshine. You’re very well written at 14, and most definitely an intriguing person ^.^ I’m already interested in reading more ^.^ Don’t worry about your age. I don’t think the fear abates any the older you get. I’m 28, and I started my blog in October 2015 (so… 5 months) and I was mortified, yet highly intrigued by the idea, especially since it would be centralized on yours truly. I get it, and I bet just about any other blogger could tell you the same thing. ^.^
    I hope you’ve been enjoying your adventures in blog land!
    Take gentle care of yourself and have a beautiful day sunshine. Later ^.^

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    1. Ah thank you so much, I haven’t read this post in a little while, it’s interesting to look back. I’m really enjoying blogging so far and I defiantly don’t regret taking it up- it’s had such a hugely positive influence on my life. Thank you so much for reading!

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      1. Yeay ^.^ I’m glad it’s been a positive influence. I can say the same about mine. Well, I’m really glad that you started, and am sneaking through the rest of your blog right now lol

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