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Am I an anonymous blog?

Am I an anonymous blog?

No. Definitely not, the first sentence I ever wrote on here was “Hi my name is Alexandra Harrison” in fact my name is pretty much plastered all over my website, it’s impossible not to find it.

You see, when I created this blog, (which makes me sound like I started posting two centuries ago, in reality I began around about two days ago) I never really considered anyone reading it at all. It was for my own self fulfillment, as selfish as that sounds. Yet, I have found myself within a day or two, conferring online with new found friends who are suddenly reading and following my blog. I have now realized that most teen bloggers remain anonymous, which is a great idea, well done guys. Taking into consideration how open I’ve been on here, I think it will be very very very easy for people who I know in real life to find me and I’m not sure how I feel about that. In one way I’m sort of scared – am I comfortable on how much I have psychologically exposed myself online?  But at the same time, I’m proud of what I’ve put up on here, or more so, my plans for this blog and what it can grow into. I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS. I think half of me would be happy for people from school to look at my blog, because at the end of the day what’s the point of pretending we’re different people. Does this mean we walk amongst pretend people? Paper people, thin and fragile, a facade crumbling away at the edges. Is that what we want in a society? I’d love to know what people are really like.  I feel like my blog posts always seem to follow a very strange and dangerous philosophy towards the end and that my ideas can be taken the wrong way. Let me try to wrap this up, I’m sort of proud of what I’m going to create IN THE FUTURE and I sort of want people to see my blog but at the same time NO NO WAY, let me present a portfolio of my posts (grand total of 3) on a powerpoint presentation and then we can discuss your opinion.

Thank you for reading this gibberish it means so much! Please read my last post which was a poem entitled ‘Poem 1’ and probably was much more well written than this crap – I’d love to hear some feedback on it!

Thank you for reading,

Alex (Or am I?)


12 thoughts on “Am I an anonymous blog?

  1. PLOT TWIST – your name’s not actually Alex.
    Hehe, I’m joking. Seriously, you SHOULD be proud of what you’ve created and what you’re going to create. But then again, it’s SO scary to have your blog found, or I can imagine it is. My first blog WASN’T annonymous (it was also crap but YOURS won’t be because you weren’t an immature 14-year-old idiot) and I ALWAYS shared it on twitter because I was irritating hehe

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    1. I feel like mine will be found and that really scares me because I don’t want to be that kid who tried to blog like Zoella, because I never was trying to do that. But maybe my mood will change when I’ve built up my blog a bit, thank you for the lovely thoughts. I think going under the name Elm is a great idea tbf.


  2. To be honest, for me the reasons for why people fear getting known by people in real are different for everyone. In my case, I don’t want anybody to know about my blog mainly because my blog is my escape, and I’m 100% sure that whoever reads it from the people who I know in real will be very annoying. They’ll ask me about things 24/7 and I haven’t the patience to explain myself, especially when it comes to some of the personal posts that I’ve written. It’s different to share things with people online, who begin to get to know and love you for what they know about you, not for your looks or your accomplishments, etc. However, sometimes that could be a negative thing because there are people who will manipulate people’s emotions, and others won’t be able to detect that easily nor quickly. I think that’s what upsets me the most when it comes to online blogging, some bloggers do not stay true to themselves nor others and the lies just begin to pour in from everywhere. Feel like I’ve went out of topic, laughing! But anyway, I can’t say I’m an anonymous blogger because I’ve had a picture of myself on my blog before but I put it down for reasons that have got nothing to do with privacy (I plan on putting up a new one ASAP though!) and I go by the nickname Zin because Zineb is difficult to pronounce for some. If you’re uncomfortable with people from real getting to know you, then you could just use your first name and leave the last one out, that way the chances of anybody finding your blog will be very less. Really looking forward to getting to know you, Alexandra, and wishing you good luck with your blogging journey once again! Lots of love. 💙:]

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    1. I know what you mean. I am new to the blogging world so haven’t put up many posts yet, but I am always put off my putting up more personal posts because of people’s judgment, even though everyone I have met on here is lovely (Including you – thank you so much for looking at my blog it means so much!!) I am thinking about leaving my last name out, but at the same time there is something sentimental about it, because it was the first thing I said on here. Lots of love back 🙂

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  3. For me my anonymity is just a sort of safety blanket… I doubt that anyone I know in real life would ever actually see this, but I kind of like not having to worry about anyone judging me for anything other than my writing… I’m a very private person, and I sometimes struggle to figure out how to say what I want to say out loud… But I feel as though I can make SOME sense at least in writing form. Eh I’m not really sure my anonymity is very important.. But it’s a little fun. I don’t know. I like you thoughts on it though.

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    1. I know it does seem fun. I sort of wished now that I did make up a name I’d always wanted and started writing on here as an anonymous but oh well. I’m more nervous about being so open now I’ve posted more. Oh well, we’ll have to see how this goes.

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  4. The fact that your blog is not anonymous honestly makes me admire you even more. The overwhelming fear of anyone finding my blog if it wasn’t anon scared me, this is why I didn’t reveal my true identity as it’s pretty personal. An anonymous blog or not, your blog is still amazing either way and I know you’ll continue to post some great stuff which I look forward to reading x

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    1. Thank you so much, that put such a huge smile on my face! When I put up my first post I had no idea about the blogosphere, I didn’t even know there were anonymous blogs. Anonymous or not I think it’s brave to talk about your emotions to essentially strangers. The idea of being ‘found’ scares me too, but for now I’m just enjoying meeting new friends online.

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