Poem 1

Poem 1


Billions of stars

Flash by me like a billion eyes

Little worlds

Big universes

One thousand truths

One thousand lies

Puddles on the floor

Happy puddles

Smothering paper towns

Rotting away…


Old eyes!

Old eyes bleached with white

Cataracts like explosions of milk

Within a blue sea

I feel so old

Yet I am so young

Years running away from me


Find me amongst 27 cats

In a house made of gingerbread

Happy puddles and melting ice cream

Disco balls casting glittering light

On an otherwise dark room

I have seen our world

Our paper town

Yet I am so young

Allow me to forget

My death and closed milky eyes

Allow silence

Before I live again


Billions of stars

Flash by me like a billion eyes

A life’s worth of memories

In just a second of time


By Alexandra Harrison

Written October 2015 (published December 2015)











9 thoughts on “Poem 1

    1. Thank you so much, like that has seriously made my day. I don’t like this poem anymore (because I hate everything I wrote less than an hour ago) and people don’t normally like it that much, because it’s sort of strange, in the way I describe things. It’s like very random, and people think I’m just making things rhyme when all the lines have meaning. Anyway, you probably didn’t want a lecture – it’s just comments like that mean so much and I want to spend as much time as possible expressing my gratitude. Lots of love xx

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      1. Well people take in words differently, and I think that’s what I love most about poetry in general. Some will connect with your words and some won’t, that’s just how it is, but never let that bring you down! There’ll always be AT LEAST one person who will see more than just letters and rhyming words in what you write. Go on writing!💙

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