The Internet Hotel

The Internet Hotel is open!

The Internet is a completely different world, with completely different people – many of whom I have grown to love, yet I have never seen their faces. It’s strange I guess. On the Internet I am the person I wish I was in real life. I convey my thoughts and feelings in a few seconds – easily and efficiently, and no one knows how long it has took me to ponder over the words – I can pause time and think, and then let the people I want read my words when I want them to. And when I say the Internet is a completely different world it truly is, every website a tight knit community or a huge city filled with people you want to talk with for hours, or those you want to run away from and when your near them you just want to go home. But… there is no home on the Internet, no closed doors – we have to accept that almost anyone can find us here. So my good friends, it is my mission to at least create an Internet Hotel where you can feel safe and happy…

A little bit of information on the Internet Hotel:

  • At the Internet Hotel we will offer support for anyone who needs it. Just drop a comment below on any of happyalexx’s blogposts and she will be happy to help. If you want to receive more confidential guidance please email me at…
  • THE INTERNET HOTEL DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE A PROFESSIONAL IN ANYWAY. It’s more like a conversion with a friend. I guess I’m just someone to talk to if anyone needs help.
  • THE INTERNET HOTEL IS NOT A BUSINESS, it’s just a little community in a big world trying to help people (wow what a cheesy catchphrase – I won’t put that in the advertisement). As The Internet Hotel is not a business sometimes Alex will not reply instantly, it’s just her – remember  she still goes to school!
  • Never feel uncomfortable talking to me, I am honored to help you.
  • The Internet Hotel spans across the whole blog, so no bullying, trolling, offensive/politically incorrect language/terms etc etc. We will ask you to check out if you do so.
  • Please support each other too, no problem is too little for The Internet Hotel. If you think you can help, please reply to someone in need.

I hope this all goes to plan. Please help me build my Internet Hotel by being lovely all across the Internet. Any questions just drop them below.

Thank you so much for reading

Enjoy your stay, Alex



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