Bottle it up

In today’s blog post self proclaimed poet posts bad poem. Enjoy.

(Contains themes of suicidal thoughts)
((This poem does not reflect my state of mind))

ps. // means text is meant to be on the next line

Bottle it up

Just choke it with roses
And bottle it up
Powder and perfume
It’s all full of love

Bleeding roses
Sniff your poses
Blind your senses

And ignore the rot

Blood stains his shirt
Can you see his face?//It doesn’t look so kind
Set alight by fire

They’re burning the city
And they’re burning it quick!//Sequins fall like shooting stars
Off your new black dress
Coloured amber by the firelight
As they drown in dirty puddles

Fire smells of smoke
Like your cigarette //Tobacco gives you cancer
But you’re not dead yet

You keep trying though

So bottle it up
And choke it with roses
Make dreams out of paper
Art is Art with vision
You do not need his permission

Escape from the death
And escape from your mind
Choke it with roses
Until you go blind

Alexandra Harrison



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