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Weekly Journal 7/12/15

Welcome! I feel like today’s blog post is pretty self explanatory. I have been writing in a ‘journal’ for one week and today, Sunday, I plan to compile all my entries into a big account which I can look back on in later years. One of the main reasons I started this blog, was to document my life, and well, what better way to do it? Enjoy! I’ll hand over to Monday Alex now… who was a little bonkers to say the least.

Monday: Hello future me! This is strange – have they invented special pills yet that stop time, so you can blog all night, sleep for as long as you like and then restart time, so that you’re happy and fulfilled in the morning. Probably not… although there is probably some kind of drug that gives a similar effect. DON’T DO DRUGS. DON’T HURT YOURSELVES. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Anyway, I’m meant to be talking about today. The most significant thing about today was probably playing King Ball in PE. Basically all you do is throw the ball to a team member on the bench and then you go on the bench. The first team to get everyone on the bench wins. I was so pathetically shit that I said to the teacher “Miss I hate sports so much. Please let me get on the bench, I am mentally suffering.” She let me on that bench. I think she pitied me – like she could see how hard I was trying but knew there was no hope. I was such a burden on my team though and to be honest it made me feel pretty bad about myself. I have no muscle at all and I didn’t have any strength to throw the ball.

The rest of the day was okay. I spent lots of it revising for all my tests I have coming up… which was fun? I made a blogpost  on gender barriers (entitled I’m An Actor – find it under the category ‘Opinions and Ramblings)  and made some new friends online wooo. Okay past Alex is going to leave now, don’t worry there’s like 6 more days after this…unless. I need to shush and let Tuesday Alex take over because I’m taking up so much space and you’re probably very bored. I FOUND A DINOSAUR! Did that get you interested again? Probably not. I mean if you’re not interested in dinosaurs you might as well leave…

Only joking, I need your views! Only joking, again, I’m not a comedian, I’ll shut up okay bye.

Tuesday: Hello again! Today I am very busy but I’ve found a spare moment to talk to you. Tonight I have to do a reading at a Christmas Concert and I’m sort of nervous because every  time I read my lines I cry with laughter. There are so many innuendos, I don’t know how I will keep a straight face! The head of music keeps yelling at me saying me and my friends are ‘ruining her play’ and of course I will try my best, but today (a few hours before the night) is our first rehearsal, so I feel like she is being a little too harsh. Anyway, by the time you have read this it will be over, I guess I’ll give you an update on Wednesday.

This evening I was meant to be at photography, but it was half cancelled/half Alex just assuming that and not going anyway, so instead I went to English, because my teacher is hosting a sort of movie night and I knew there was going to be food so I went. It was pretty cute actually, we watched a Christmas Carol (disney) which is probably my favourite adaptation. Go watch it if you haven’t already. I sat with my friend and ate all the chocolates. Anyway, I better get ready for this concert, see you tomorrow.
ps. I have just checked my notifications and I have 26 followers! Wow, I have only had this blog for four days, that means so much! Thank you for commenting your lovely things, I love you all dearly, you are seriously some of the best people I have ever met.

*this is the point in the week where Alex got lazy and didn’t write as much*

Wednesday: I may or may not be writing this on Thursday because I forgot. Christmas Concert update: It went terrible as I laughed uncontrollably on a live mic at bible innuendos in front of an audience of about 400. The highlight for me was when my dear friend said “Alex stop laughing” and I returned with “I’m not laughing!” Whilst obviously laughing. Our argument echoing across the room was a beautiful sound.

I may be taking a latin GCSE? Has anyone studied latin – any thoughts? And when I got home I did some gift wrapping which made my heart happy.

Thursday: I AM SO TIRED and ready for the weekend. Today was a very grey day. I got out of PE though – I said I’d bruised my back (lies). And in Physics we studied the universe, which was so cool. What an exciting life I lead. The most fun part of the day is probably going on this blog.

Friday:  I am so glad it’s Friday. Seriously, this week has been pretty miserable. Like, I never want to completely open up on here, because I’m not anonymous but I feel sad… almost all the time and when I’m not sad I don’t feel happy. Fun. I just want to scream MY LIFE IS WORSE THAN YOURS, which you may think is mean and it is, but sometimes we need to be self centered and feel sorry for ourselves. I also feel bad because me and mum argued and we never argue. I just feel bad for her and said some harmful things I never should have said. I think it’s because I’m stressed but I should have never taken it out on her. But I would just like to say, that posting on this blog cheers me up so so much, so thank you for your kind words 🙂

Saturday: Saturday is my favourite day, especially at Christmas time. Today was a good Saturday because I didn’t have much work to do, so I have been relaxing all day. I still feel guilty about what I said to my mum, my heart literally feels like a stone. I’m also stressed because I need to buy my Dad some Christmas presents but he is so hard and expensive to buy for. And I’m going to stop talking about the bad things, because that makes me sad and I don’t want to be sad.

Sunday: And I guess this brings us back up to present day. I started reading again last night (I took a break because I was putting too much pressure on myself to read 1 000 000 000 books a day) and the book I’m reading is so good – look out for a review! Today I had a nice relaxing day again, but now I feel stressed because I’ve got school again tomorrow and I feel so stressed, but I don’t know why. Although, I did finally buy my Dad some more Christmas presents today and they are so so expensive, I sort of feel bad for buying them. And this evening I did some wrapping – I got a little too excited, there’s lots of string, PVA glue and glitter everywhere!

Thank you for reading this very long blog post, I hope you liked it. I will be back tomorrow with 12 days of Blogmas, where I will be posting Christmas themed posts on the 14-25th of December (on top of usual blog posts).

I would love to do a Christmas Q&A; I have already received some great questions but if you have anymore then please drop them below.

Thank you so much for reading,



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