The tragedy of Sarah Parker

Here is an abstract poem that I have just written. It is not perfect, but I would really appreciate some feedback on it.

The tragedy of Sarah Parker
By Alexandra Harrison

Part 1

It’s past four o’clock as she swings out of bed
Into a cloudy and mild afternoon
Crawling onto the floor, to cry once more
Does anybody know she is there?
Screaming and crying
In salty rivers
Hot streams running down puffed faces
Red like a rose
Does anybody know?
That Sarah Parker is still bleeding

Day turns to night
As she goes down the stairs
He’s waiting in her living room
Without a word they get in the car
Driving down roads with the moon

From diamond rings to copper strings
They run through the houses
Before seeing blue flashing lights
Panic arises
As they run through the night
Catching their blood in the breath of their bites


Part 2

Gruel on the table
And bread by a label
That warns the staff of a violent man
She sits with the Time
And watches him sleep
As he dreams of blood in the skies


She sits in the corner
Of the cold prison floorAnd starts to cry
She begins to ponder
On the sinful little wonder
That maybe she could just die
Before he wakes up
And shouts at her stuff
She always tries to block out
She scans the room
In a pathetic desperation
That she felt for the last 70 weeks…

she needs to be freed of her mind


Part 3

It’s past four o’clock
When her body is found
Next to a violent man
But he doesn’t know
How the blood shows
On her own ivory hands
No value
She’s worthless
Oh poor Sarah Parker!
Working as hard as she can
A criminal convicted
Of a pure act of hatred
She died with a burden on her hands


Part 4

Sarah Parker likes the kitchen
It’s where she does all the baking
She likes the books
That tell her sad stories
They seem to make everything better
Oh how she had wished
That she had written
Her tragedy in her own pages
Maybe they would have looked
From her own perspective
When they left her penniless
Scraping for wages

Stuck with a man
Who only looks at her
With evil intent
But he sits down for supper
And discusses the murder
Of his own brother and child
But he doesn’t mind
He’s proud of his work
And she cries
Because she knows she has helped him
Part 5

Porcelain skies
So dainty and delicate
Snow falls on a plain grave
Sarah Parker died
With sad crystal eyes
Full of regret and hatred

Alexandra Harrison




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