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Weekly Journal 14/12/15

Sorry for posting so late this evening, I was planning to upload a little earlier but just didn’t have the time.  Welcome back to my weekly journal feature where I compile entries written about my days this week in one big post. I hope you are all well and I guess I’ll just handover to Monday me, who was like super hyper and forgot what grammar was…

Monday: Hello people of the future! You’ve come back for more of this terrible feature! Well, I’m not complaining. You know, today wasn’t too awful – everything wasn’t quite as bad as I assumed it was going to be. Although, tomorrow is Tuesday which is my least favourite day of the week and little bits of that day are stressing me out like crazy.

I wrote a short story today (you can read it here if you like) I think the concept behind it is good but I don’t think people will like it because it’s not artsy or descriptive. Oh well, I’m too stupid and tired at the moment to be good at things.  I’ve just been revising the Christmas Carol for my English Lit exam on Friday – how cruel to have a mock on the last day! I love The Christmas Carol but if I have to read it one more time I might have to burn it.

I’m joking I could never burn a book.


Tuesday: I am currently sitting in my towel. I don’t know why I thought I had to share.

Happy Sunday from Tuesday Alex. I hope you are having a lovely day/evening. Mine was pretty busy actually. I woke up at 6am because I obviously hate myself and feel the need to get up way too early. And then I caught the bus with my brother, and usually I have to take my morning ride on a rattling old piece of metal that wobbles when you step on it BUT NOT TODAY! The school has upgraded us to this coach with mood lights and enough space to fit everyone on – I think the chances of me having a car accident in the morning have gone down by 56%.

My day was okay I guess – I generally hate Tuesday and it was a bad Tuesday but not terrible terrible. I also had a road safety ‘course’ which essentially consisted of a man showing us horrifically detailed videos of teenagers dying. It wasn’t pleasant, but I understand the importance of the message.

Then I went to photography – yep I actually turned up this time. I edited a grand total of two photos and then my Dad picked me up and we went late night shopping for my Mum’s christmas presents. I’ve got my Mum a few more now, so this makes me happy, but now Mum has double the presents than Dad, but I’m just going to have to live with it and STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY.

Now, I am still sitting in my towel at 9pm with English revision still to do. It’s been a long day! Sorry to past you for not posting today, I’ve literally not had a moment’s rest.But at least it’s the Christmas holidays soon, I promise you I will be very active during that whole time. Now over to Wednesday Alex, who I should probably be helping out by revising for that test tomorrow.

Wednesday: Merry wednesday + christmas and general winter season. Today was alright, I’m tired. I keep falling asleep. I hope you are not falling asleep reading this – WAKE UP! Okay bit random, back to normal me. I keep having tests BUT 9 DAYS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS YES. Also I finished one of the best books ever last night so my heart is happy (read the review here) Also I break up school on Friday, and for me, that is essentially as good as Christmas day.

Today I sort of pulled myself through school.

Fun highlights include (this should totally be a feature on my blog – future Alex get on it)

  • Extremely unproductive Drama rehearsals after school, but when we get it right we get it right.
  • Sleeping
  • Christmas songs at lunchtime

That is all from me, wishing luck to Thursday me, who has a physics test. ha. ha ha. I shouldn’t mock myself. Okay lots of love byeeeeeee.


*Alex fails at daily blogging*


Friday: Sorry I missed Thursday! It was a little topsy turvy, the last school night of 2015 where I sort of didn’t focus but at the same time I was really busy – I forgot once again! Anyway it is finally the Christmas Holidays (yesss) feeling sort of subdued in the way that I am extremely tired but happy.

I think I’m happy, not sure yet.

I went for a meal today at Hungry Horse and I ordered Macaroni Cheese. An old woman stared at me for about 10 minutes straight, everytime I looked up she was there, staring at me with an admittedly disapproving gaze. I tried to smile at her, I hope I didn’t offend her in anyway.

Then I lay down for about four hours listening to The Beatles, writing a poem (read here) and looking through WordPress. Tomorrow I am going to a meal for my Aunt’s 40th birthday, I am pretty excited because I never do that sort of thing.

Saturday: Happy Saturday, it is the superior day of the week. I should most definitely be sleeping right now. Today I went to a restaurant for my Aunt’s 40th birthday and the food was extremely fancy – I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a place. Boy, I ate some divine things today. It was sort of like an family early Christmas, which was nice because I don’t usually see my family on Christmas Day, as they all live far away.

I feel happy right now but I feel sad. Theoretically, I should be happy. I am doing things that make me happy, but the lack of structure in my life now it’s the Christmas Holidays is making me quite anxious all the time, which means I don’t find anything truly fun anymore. Also, my poetry is bad and it makes me sad because I write about sad things. I want to be happy, this Christmas Spirit needs to fill me up with uncontrollable excitement and it is, on the surface, but deep down I don’t feel much at all. Anyway, don’t worry about me, I am genuinely fine, probably just a little emotional. Like little things will make me feel sad for a very long time, I don’t know. Hope you are enjoying my little depressing paragraph… on to Sunday!

Sunday: And this brings us back to now. Today I went for a walk with my Mum. I’ve also forgotten how to write – my sentences are all blocky. Anyway, today was just a chill day. I went for a walk and then watched Elf (which is one of my favourite Christmas films) I also woke up way too late so the day has gone by so quickly, although, undoubtedly, I’ll stay up ’till a stupid time in the morning when everyone on WordPress is either sleeping or doing more important things than talking to me.

I bought a last minute gift for my friend, whom I have arranged to meet on Tuesday. I literally had to think of something within a few seconds so I have bought her a 2016 diary. I am then going to paper clip pictures of things we did together in 2015 on the cosponsoring days in 2016. Hopefully I will find the time to do that… or just wake up early enough.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the lovely support recently, especially on my poems. You have given me so much more confidence and reading your comments makes me unbelievably happy. I love you all so much, I am so grateful to have met all of you.

Thank you so much for reading,


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