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The Writer’s Block: A Study

I really wanted to post today, although initially I was not sure on what to post, my options were:

  1. Sh*t poem
  2. What’s on my mind
  3. Belated Internet Cafe
  4. Short line of poetry
  5. Favourite vloggers

But I really didn’t feel like posting about any of those topics. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE A STUPID GOD DAMN WRITERS BLOCK.

Bit aggressive there, sorry.

So today, my good friends, I am going to write about my writer’s block and how much I despise it and then hopefully it will leave me alone, because right now it is really clingy.

A quick diagnosis

Why do I have a writer’s block?

I usually form a writer’s block when I have been putting too much pressure on myself to write good things. It all gets too much and my brain refuses to cooperate.

Rude brain.

How do I feel when I have a writers block?

Usually quite a lot of frustration and self hatred. Although because I currently have the creativity levels of a moldy sprout (festive similes ayyy) I can’t channel that emotion into anything productive. Which usually results in yet more frustration.

The cure

Well a writer’s block isn’t ‘real’. There isn’t a big brick stuck in one side of my brain preventing all creativity, I have just stopped believing in my abilities. It is usually when I expect a lot of myself and do not meet my invisible standards. Although there are cures for this horrific illness, as follows…

  1. Stop thinking you have a writers block. By doing this you are putting limitations on yourself that don’t need to be there.
  2. Write about it. Just like I did, writing this post really helped me figure out what is happening in my brain.
  3. Look back on old work. Looking back on something you are proud of can give you confidence again. Rereading your lovely comments never fails to cheer me up.
  4. Keep writing. Despite my writer’s block I am still producing some poems  that people actually like. It usually just takes a few crappy ideas before I get inspired. Just write random stuff down and eventually you will get a phrase you can work with. Listening to music always helps me.

There are truly some amazing writers on this website and that talent doesn’t just randomly grind to a halt. The more you write the better you will get. You are not always going to be perfect, but that’s all part of this ‘creative process’. Have faith in your abilities because you are FANTASTIC.

Also, I hope that everyone who celebrated had a lovely Christmas yesterday! I had a lovely day and my Weekly Journal will be up tomorrow which has documented all my festive activities.

Thank you so much for reading,



ps. I have just voted for the Blogger Awards 2015 on The Ambivert’s page, please take a look at my nomination and start nominating yourself!


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