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Weekly Journal 21/12/15

Hello! And welcome to this festive edition of my Weekly Journal. I have been documenting my life (almost) everyday of the Christmas week. I really love doing my weekly journals, there is something so satisfying about finally posting something you have been working on all week. Enjoy!

Monday: whoops.

Tuesday: So I forgot  to write on Monday (so sorry) I mean I did get two blog posts up, I guess I just forgot the third. I literally thought it was Sunday and I had just uploaded last weeks journal. I don’t even understand myself sometimes.

Anyway, merry Christmas one and all, it is the 22nd December 2015 and by the time this is up Christmas will have past, which is depressing. Sorry future me. Today was a pretty fantastic day, I visited my friend who moved high schools two years ago. It’s always nice to see her – we watched this movie called ‘In Time’ which is actually a very interesting film. She gave me my Christmas present, which has my name stamped onto the ribbon. She is really rich (we watched the film in her private cinema) so I just know her gift will be amazing compared to my crappy DIY diary. Although, she is a thoughtful person, despite her rather blunt and stubborn nature, and I know she will be grateful anyway.

I am very excited for the next two days, as  I am having a sleepover with all my best buddies in the entire world. ALL PRECIOUS ANGELS. And it will also be Christmas Eve and we’re going to give each other our Secret Santa gifts. The sleepover means I will be unable to write Wednesday, but I will promise to write Christmas Eve.



*Alex has le party times at rad sleepover*

Thursday: It’s Christmas eve! It’s so exciting, but sort of weird, because it has come around so quickly. My sleepover was fantastic by the way and I spent time with two of my most precious buttercups whom I love entirely. It was so nice to talk to them and laugh about ridiculous things. I obviously saw all my other friends that didn’t sleepover and I am so lucky to have them, we’re like one big family. I got a polaroid photo album from my secret santa, it is so cute and the gift was so thoughtful.

I sort of feel bad for reaching 100 followers and then leaving for 2 days, but I will not make blogging a chore. Even though I love you guys (more than you understand) I need to blog for myself, else the content of my posts will go downhill. I also saw some of my family today which was so lovely, because on Christmas it is always just me, my mum, my dad and my brother, so it is nice to see other people too.

Now I am sitting in bed, making sure I am thoroughly tired so that I can go to sleep easily. I mean I am excited for tomorrow but not in a ridiculous hyper way. I’m more happy than ecstatic. I am just grateful that I have something really good to look forward too. Future me, I hope you had a great day, it’s not a big deal that it’s all over, there is more fun to come. THAT WAS SO CRINGEY. It’s late and I’m sleep deprived, I’m allowed to be embarrassing. Goodbye.

Friday: OH HERE IT IS MERRY CHRISTMAS. EVERYBODY’S HAVING FUN. HERE’S TO THE NEW YEAR IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUNNNN. Merry Christmas… well when you read this it won’t be Christmas but merry Christmas anyway – let’s break the rules. In this entry I’m just going to quickly (sort of) go through my Christmas day and then I’ll ramble about some deep philosophical sh*t that is only coming out of my brain because I’m tired. Let us begin…

Well I actually had a pretty good sleep, I was woken up at 8am by family, tired but not disgruntled by a severe lack of rest. We went downstairs to check whether Father Christmas had eaten the mince pie we had left out the night before and to my little brother’s relief he had. We went into the living room to see a pile of presents for each of us. Firstly, we had breakfast – croissants and pastries etc. and then opened our presents and stockings. I don’t like do a huge essay on what I got because I don’t want to bore you but I really got some fantastic presents. Lots of pretty makeup (including Naked 2 by Urban Decay oh my) my Grandad has developed a habit of buying me presents much more expensive than my brother’s – he really must stop, I feel awful but that palette is so gorgeous. I also got lots of lovely clothes, a gorgeous swing dress with moons and stuff all over it, some classic Primark PJs, a cute (slightly ugly but in the best way) cardigan from Topshop and a big snuggly dressing gown from the same shop. My Mum bought me lots of books and CDs – including The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (I admired my children for at least 10 minutes before moving on to my next present). I had lots of smellies which makes me passionate and slightly unstable. Highlights include a big gift bag full of Body Shop shower gels and body butter. My Dad has also got me a voice recorder, this might sound strange but basically I always start speaking my poetry before I write it down, but sometimes the pen really doesn’t move fast enough, so now I can just talk into the recorder and then collect my ideas and make them beautiful in my own time. I also got lots of random bits like fairy lights and a Harry Potter colouring book (one of the fancy ‘adult’ ones) I have been laboring over it all day. And my last thing I would like to mention is the book The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from my little brother, who picked and wrapped it himself. He said he knew I loved books and the film, so I guess he put two and two together. I was seriously so touched by his thoughtfulness and will treasure it forever. That act of kindness is what Christmas is really about.

Then I gave my parents their presents. I think my Mum liked the wrapping (picture below) more than the gifts themselves – she took about 30 minutes taking pictures of all the tags etc. She said no one had ever made this much effort for her on Christmas. My presents were a huge success and I am pretty proud of what I’ve got for both of them, I really put time into selecting those gifts so I am happy they loved them so much.

(sorry to intrude but I couldn’t add the photo because it’s not supported and now I’m really sad, if anyone knows what to do comment below, because I spent my whole day today taking photos for a blog post)

Christmas at my household is always very relaxed. We do whatever we want (I coloured in my Harry Potter book) whilst Christmas dinner was cooking. We had starter around 3:15pm (garlic mushrooms) and then we pulled crackers and played charades. MY MUM DIDN’T HAVE A GIFT IN HER CRACKER WHAT A DISGRACE. But the cracker/charade section was one  of the most fun parts of the day. Then we had Christmas dinner itself at around 3:45. It was very nice, but I really couldn’t finish it.

Of course we watched the Dr Who Christmas special and then we watched Strictly – pretty much rolling through BBC 1 until my parents had to go to bed because they have a 5am start tomorrow morning at work. That’s the only part that sucks really. Everyone was in bed (apart from me) by 10pm and I’m just typing away in my room.

So Christmas Day is (pretty much) over. I didn’t feel that sad until I just typed this and realized how nice everything had been, but maybe I am just seeing the whole experience in a sort of dream like mindset. I think we always feel Christmas is just a little better than what it actually is before and after it occurs. Nevertheless, I had a lovely relaxing day. I am so lucky to have such a caring family and I could not pick better people to spend any day with. Boxing Day is tomorrow anyway, which is great because we haven’t even begun to eat the buffet food. CHEESE CHEESE GIVE ME CHEESE. The only bad thing is how much work I have to do for school, it makes me really nervous that I haven’t really got started on any of it. Anyway, I don’t want to end my Christmas post on such a boring note. I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it and just a lovely day if you don’t. Merry Christmas one last time! (and a happy new year – I still have that to look forward too ohh)

Saturday: Sorry for yesterday’s entry being so long. I really don’t expect anyone to read it all! Merry Boxing day! Unfortunately my Grandma was too ill to visit today, which I was really disappointed about and I hope she gets better soon. Because of the absence of family, today consisted of eating lots of cheese and spending too much time on WordPress. Sort of tired and ill which is always SO MUCH FUN THANK YOU BODY. But it’s been a chill day, tomorrow I plan to get back to work and get some homework done. Goodbye kind readers of the future I love youuuu.

Sunday: And that brings us back to now. It has been a lovely week really fully of festivities and fun. Everyday has its ups and downs but I am so much happier when I’m not at school.

Today I spent lots of my time taking photos for a blog post coming up, but the photos I wanted to upload for this blog post were refusing to cooperate, so now I am really worried that I’ve wasted my time.  I’m not sure if that made sense.

Also The Blogger Awards 2015 are a thing,  how exciting! There’s a really cool…

*computer crashes*

Okay, so my computer just crashed which was terrifying, thank god for auto-save. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, there’s a really cool atmosphere amongst the teen/YA blogging community, all thanks to The Ambivert (go check her out!) I have got nominated twice, once by Topsy Turvy Kid for kindest blogger and then by My Teenage Madness for newbie, thank you so much to you both, I literally almost cried and I flapped by hands about like a crazy bird being tormented by my cat. Good luck to everyone, you can find out who I nominated here.

Thank you so much for reading,



24 thoughts on “Weekly Journal 21/12/15

  1. Oh my, I just saw that you nominated me for Kindest Blogger, and I pretty much had the same reaction you had on my post – THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU FABULOUS GIRL! It makes me so insanely happy that you think I’m kind. Lots of love xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, it makes me so happy to know that I’ve made you happy. That literally means so much, I will continue to love and support you throughout your blogging journey because you are fantastic and deserve all the kindest words x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Blogging should NEVER be a chore, it should always be fun so good for you for making it stay that way! CONGRATS ON 100 FOLLOWERS YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT! And also, thank you so, SO much for nominating me for blog of the year, like HOW that’s so amazing thank you!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t think of a better person to nominate! And thank so much, I really don’t understand why people read my blog but this site literally means so so much and I am always thinking about posts for my site and it means so so much that people like you care about me enough to like talk to me and be nice and I need to shush, you don’t need this emotional weight just thrown on you. Thanks for commenting Em, it literally makes my day! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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