The Internet Hotel

The Internet Hotel Café ep. 3

Welcome back to the The Internet Hotel Café! The Café’s doors were closed last week, because it was of course Christmas and my chefs had excellent Christmas Feasts to prepare for their only families, but the Hotel is back in business today so I hope you will come in and enjoy our hospitality.

If you think I’ve lost my mind you may want to check out this post, which explains the Café, or this post which explains what the hotel is all about.

Original menu can be viewed here.

And the Limited Edition Christmas menu can be viewed here for the very last time.

Today, all meals come with their own mini New Year’s firework display. So please order away in the comments.

The Café’s question:

If you could wish for just one thing to happen in 2016 what would it be?

Please comment your answers below, the Café runs off brain power alone, I will of course be chatting in the comments box! Also, would you guys be interested in reading a short novel I have written, please tell me and if the feedback is positive then I will post the first chapter.

The hotel wishes you a wonderful 2016!

Thank you so much for reading,


Click here for the original Internet Hotel post.

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14 thoughts on “The Internet Hotel Café ep. 3

  1. get up and do stuff instead of thinking about it…. like have you ever thought of how many projects/DIYs some people pin and never ever do? Yeah I don’t want to do that, instead of thinking ‘I will do that, I want to do that, maybe someday, later’ I’m gonna do it – take action!

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  2. If I could wish for one thing to happen, I would love to be on the Top 10 students in my year level because last year, I was close on being one. Also, I would love to read a short novel of yours.

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