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Weekly Journal 28/12/15

Hello friends! I haven’t been very active today, I’m really sorry about that! Here is this week’s weekly journal that I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO WRITE IN EVERYDAY! So let’s hop back in time to the 28th December 2015…

Monday: Hello people of the future! Will this ever not get exciting for me? It’s just I’m in 2015, and you’re in 2016 which is scary and cool okay breathe. How are we all? Good? Not so good? I can’t hear you but if you aren’t good you can always email me at the hotel email I didn’t meant to plug the hotel there, oh well.

Anyway, today was the same as pretty much everyday during the holidays. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat again. I did get one blogpost up because I have been nominated by THREE people for the Spirit Animal blog award, which I was so so happy to receive. I can’t believe that that many people thought about me.  And then I also got nominated for the blogger recognition award and then the dragon’s loyalty award. All in one day! I don’t know why, I don’t usually get nominated so often but I am so thankful for all these nominations it makes me feel all toasty inside. I also tidied my room today and sadly put all my christmas presents away. I wrote a terrible poem about drug abuse and I am  in two minds whether to post it, I probably won’t but we’ll see. It was a pretty fine day but I am really scared about two things:


Anyway change of subject, tomorrow I’m going clothes shopping so hopefully that will be an interested read for all you garment  enthusiasts. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday:! Today I went shopping and spent all £115 pounds of my xmas money (whoops) I don’t think I’ve ever had that much money to spend but boy it went quick. I went into Topshop first and they have the sale on right now and it was so busy. I love Topshop clothing, but I find shopping in the actual store so stressful. They put all the sale items on these racks in tiny little aisles and there is literally no room to look at anything, but I did blow something like £84 pounds in there, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

I bought this green jumper with like black and white striped cuffs and trim, this pastel and blue striped cotton shirt which is like over-sized and then some new black jeans. I also bought this like crushed velvet top from River Island and it has like tassels coming down and then a new bronzer from The Body Shop. I wanted to get another pinafore dress but I couldn’t find one, this makes me super sad 😦

It was a lovely day. My Mum was a little intrusive on my purchases at first, I really wanted some grey ripped jeans but she literally wouldn’t let me buy them. I also wanted to buy from charity shops but Mum is slightly snobbish about that sort of stuff so I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY MUM AND I LOVE SHOPPING WITH HER, but sometimes I feel embarrassed buying clothes. Like fashion is actually pretty important to me and I really enjoy playing around with colours and fabrics. It’s like art to me and sometimes Mum stops me from doing that. But the thing is, no one’s family is perfect and just because she is a little bit intrusive on what I wear doesn’t at all mean I am going to like disown her. She has brought me up with a respect for clothing and pretty decent taste and I’ll thank her for that.

Wednesday: Hello! Happy new years eve. As I write this it is technically Thursday but sort of still Wednesday. Today was sort of good. Okay, it was a big success because I’ve started writing a new novella called ‘NOODLE PANDA’ sounds intriguing huh? I feel slightly uncomfortable writing it because I am narrating from a twenty something man’s mind, but I am also pretty happy with it. I’ve sort of made it funny, so I hope people get the humour. It probably won’t be very long, I might not even finish it but I’m enjoying writing it so far. Anyway, I’ll talk tomorrow, goodbye 🙂

Thursday: It is officially 2016! Happy new year! My new year’s eve consisted of monopoly and After Eight Mints.

I’m going to bed now. G’night.

Friday: I was a little brief yesterday, sorry. Happy New Year’s day.  Today I woke at like 10am (so early wow) and my mum had pastries because today is slightly more special than  other days. Pastries are good. I got dressed and had a roast dinner, which was so good around 3pm. I wrote the 10th chapter of my novella which I am relatively happy with. Things happen. And then it was time for Sherlock, omg it was so so good, you don’t understand it was so so good. I won’t give away any spoilers but I loved it so much. It exceeded all expectations, as usual.

Also 1st January was pretty spooky:

  • The first less exciting supernatural happening was that my follower count on my notifications says I have 146 followers, whilst my reader follower count says I have 191. I prefer to believe the latter, but how about if I get to 200 and then I realize… oh no I didn’t.
  • Second spooky happening: my brother’s toothbrush is possessed. It keeps doing it’s electric brushy thing all by itself, and it won’t stop when you turn it off. And when it fine stops doing its electric brushy thing it refuses to turn on again.

Okay both spooky happenings weren’t that spooky.

The party season is officially over *cries* *mourns* *drowns in own tears* but it’s been a good one. Bring on the rest of 2016 (that was so embarrassing, I’m just going to hand over to Saturday me)

Saturday: Eghhhh school is on Monday, I want to cry, I feel all shaky, why am I shaking, I hate it all. OKay, so now we’ve got that section of my mind dealt with let’s talk about today. Today was amazing. My friend who I will call Mona, just because that’s fun, came around today. We went out and took some photos for my photography project. Okay we took SIX PHOTOS but essentially we decided to walk all the way to like the next town, so we could get a costa but it seriously took us like two hours to walk three miles because Mona had brought heels and like her legs were killing her. And then it rained. There were no pavements. We walked on the side of a main road. I was shitting myself. We never got to Costa we just walked around randomly in the rain and sung An Awkward Duet my Jon Cozart and Dodie Clark for about five hours. Mona is probably one of my favourite people in the entire world and I am literally so happy that I did that walk with her, because even though it was theoretically shit we had such a good time and we just laughed and talked for ages and ages. When we got home my Mum like shouted at me and then made us tea and biscuits, all is well and good, she was just angry and then she realised I’m just a lame photographer with my lame best friend and she was nicer then. We then just like chilled for another 4 hours, doing literally nothing but that was completely fine and then Mona left, now I miss her 😦

I spent the rest of the evening like super anxious, reasons why Alex is anxious:

  1. I published the first chapter of my novella today NOODLE PANDA, which you can view here if you like. I am literally shaking constantly because even though people are being so nice, I can’t help feeling nervous and goddammit I’m comparing the 19 bloody likes to the 54 on on my other posts and I love blogging I love it sooo much but sometimes it stresses me out, when I’ve literally put my heart and soul into a post. I know it’s natural to do this and I won’t blame myself for being shallow. We all feel the same sometimes. Having a growing audience is so hard but I do love it so much. Ahhhh
  2. School is quickly approaching and I want to cry. All the time. I hate that school. I really do.

Well then, that’s all very depressing but sort of good. NEW THINGS TERRIFY ME WHAT CAN I SAY, okay goodbye my loves, see you on Sunday- the day of publishing. Merry 2nd of January 🙂 Lots of Loveeee.

Sunday: Today I woke up at 8:30am. I am trying to sort out my body clock for tomorrow, I think I left it too late because I felt like dying when I woke up, I was so tired, sleeping seemed a very appealing option.

I sort of finished off little bits of homework and got to work on my ‘visual diary’ I’ve realized my diary, ironically, says ‘write your story‘ when I’m doing the opposite. Although it makes me laugh so ah well. I did a collage using photos from yesterday on one of the pages and I painted the background in watercolours. It looks super pretty, not going to lie.

I’m now co-owning a cat account on instagram? My Internet friend  Netta just takes photos of her cat and she asked me if I wanted to help her run it and I said yes. It’s a really stupid account, but we just act like huge memes constantly. It is very fun, but I’ve never shared an account before?

Believe it or not, that was a busy day for me, so I haven’t had chance to really check WordPress. I haven’t been discovering new blogs recently either, I feel terrible, I’m so sorry! Also, I might be posting Chapters 2 & 3 or Noodle Panda tonight, so hopefully look out for that.

Thank you so much for reading,




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    1. Yes I love books in that format, I’m currently writing a short novel and when I start to edit it, I will probably change the format to ‘DAY 1 OF THE NOODLE EXPECTORATION’ or something like that 🙂

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