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David Bowie – The New Generation Thing

So my amazing friend  Hideaway Girl has launched a new project entitled ‘The New Generation Thing’ and this week’s subject is someone who inspires. And on this sad day, or any other day, I can think of only one person.

David Bowie has always been a huge part of my life. His beautiful music surrounded me as I grew into the young woman I am today. His songs enchanted me when I was younger. I didn’t know who he was, but this Ziggy Stardust set my imagination alight. And as I grew older and explored the wonderful world of music, I realized that Ziggy Stardust was indeed David Bowie – a beautiful artist who has influenced so many.

I’ve written five stories/poems based on David’s songs. He is such a big part of who I am and has created some of the best parts of me. That’s what I adore about inspiration, it creates so much diversity and creativity, from one shared wonder.

He changed music, film, fashion and society itself, but I never truly appreciated how much he influenced me. And when I sat down this morning and heard on the news, that he was indeed dead, I felt a great loss. His death has played on my mind all day. I am still figuring out how I feel about it. Saddened of course, shocked, but there is something else about his death that seems to tug at my mind, although I can not fathom what it is. Maybe it’s how, even though I feel a loss of the person, his legacy will never fade. Nothing changes, it will stay constant. David Bowie has gone through his last change. He will never be reinvented. There is nothing to come. He is a memory, and that doesn’t seem to do him justice.

Rest in Peace David Bowie.


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23 thoughts on “David Bowie – The New Generation Thing

  1. I also hadn’t heard a lot of things about David Bowie, until I went on tumblr and there were a bunch of posts mentioning how he was a pedophile (?).
    But glad to know he was an inspiration! He seems like he was everything a star should be 🙂 RIP Mr. Bowie

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    1. He’s not a pedophile, well not that I know of and I could never imagine it. Thank you for taking a look at this post even though you didn’t know much about him, RIP Mr. Bowie ❤


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