Am I just sensitive?

Long time no see, sorry about that. I’ve been really busy and I feel like I need time to create the best content for my little corner of the blogosphere. Anyway, today I want to talk about being a sensitive person because I feel like it has a big stigma around it. This post is going to be about my depression ‘journey’ And also make a few of you feel better, hopefully!

As some of you know I had depression, this lead to some very serious issues and when I felt this way I was not a sensitive person. I can’t remember being depressed. Well I can, but it seemed normal at the time, it’s only when I reflect back on what happened that I can see how bad I really was. I never laughed. I never smiled. I didn’t eat. I slept too much. I slept too little. I never realized how much I had actually changed. My anxiety caused my depression, which caused lots more things. It was pretty rubbish actually. Anyway, that depression didn’t make me cry everyday, because I accepted it for a part of who I was.

Now, recovered from depression, I am still sad. I do not say I am depressed because I feel things, good and bad, which is completely normal. Although recently the scales have been in favor of sadness over happiness, but I think well, I’m feeling fluctuating emotion which means I’m not depressed. BUT then I think, maybe this is just a different depression? Nowadays, my depression comes in waves and if I have a wave ANYTHING will make me burst into tears. Does this make me sensitive?

If you feel like this too, you and me need to remember that we are all different people, with different emotions, whoย  act differently to things and something that may seem pathetic to someone elseย  but it might mean a whole lot to you. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to say ‘I’m sorry but I don’t find that funny.’ And I’m trying to take my own advice. I’m trying to focus on my own emotions and validate them as genuine. I’m trying to figure out my mindset and where to go from here.

Your feelings are important.

Thank you so much for reading,


58 thoughts on “Am I just sensitive?

  1. Well I don’t fully know what depression is like but I understand ๐Ÿ™‚ try thinking positive for a while like for example being grateful for some things you’ve got. This will instantly make u happy and take your mind off sadness ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I think you’re still recovering. You are no longer depressed, but have been in that mindset for a while and are used to it. It will pass, and we’re all here for you xx

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      1. Thank you so much, and don’t quote me because I’m probably not right, but that’s my guess. I’m glad you’re better xx

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  3. Absolutely loved this post, I don’t necessarily think you’re a sensitive person, but every person is ‘sensitive’ in their own way x
    If anyone jokes about anxiety or depression it makes me so angry and so upset at the same time x so i guess I’m sensitive about that x
    But if you joke about self harming to my friend he gets really upset because he knows what its like, its just so inconsiderate of people to joke about something like self harming or anxiety or depression x

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    1. Yes, I think everyone is sensitive in their own way too, I totally agree. I find it horrible when people joke about mental illness, because it can seriously injure or even kill people. We need to start treating it just as seriously as physical illnesses. Thank you for taking a read by the way! xx

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    1. Aw thank you so much, I try to give advice in the way that we’re all sort of going through stuff together, because I’m not like some wise superior who know how to make your life better. Thank you so much, you’re amazing too!!


    1. Thank you so much! And I agree, emotion is what makes us unique and it makes us appreciate the good times even more. It’s just for some of us the good times don’t come that often or we don’t realize they are happening, but as you said we can get through anxiety and depression, together. Thank you for the support โค

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  4. I think you might still be recovering, which would mean you’e still kinda sensitive. Either way it’s okay to be sensitive and you are amazingly strong for getting through it! x

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  5. This was such a great post because it was so raw and real. It’s amazing that you manage to self discipline yourself through your own thoughts! You are really strong! And trust me, if you are this strong, you can definitely afford to be a bit sensitive! And to be honest, it’s completely normal for things to be a bit blury when you are just recovering from depression! It happened to me too! It will be better soon, though.

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  6. I’ve fallen into depression too and I have no energy , and I’m sad all the time . it’s no fun .
    But I’m glad you recovered ,
    wish you all the best

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    1. I don’t really know what to say because ‘I’m sorry to hear that’ just doesn’t seem enough. I promise you can get through this, I promise you things will change because nothing ever stays the same. Just try to look after yourself and focus on what’s happening in the now. Don’t think about the future, just concentrate on making yourself happier in every second. Wishing you all the best too and please talk to me if you ever feel like you need to x

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  7. A few days ago i was told by a doctor i had depression… so i know how you feel.. this is going to sound a little cheesey but god only gives the hardest battles to the people he knows are strong enough to fight them… so you are strong and im here for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. i think what you’re going through is completely normal. depression is something that can REALLY affect someone mentally, and it’s SO difficult to get out of being depressed and start smiling. you’re still recovering, it’s okay to feel sad sometimes when people are mean to you. it’s always going to take a very long time until you can wake up and be completely care free. but it will happen. don’t give up xxx

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