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Last night I hit 200 followers on this blog! This little website never fails to put a smile on my face. I don’t want to talk about 200 followers, but all of you as fantastic individuals. It blows me away that even one person is interested in what I’ve got to say. Feedback on my writing literally means more than I can articulate and the friends I have made on here mean so much to me. I would love to meet some of you!

Seeing my blog grow is absolutely crazy, I seriously never imagined this to happen. When I began writing in Happy Alex I was aware that WordPress was a huge site and I was a very small fish in a very big tank.

Is that a saying?

I don’t think so.

I always forget things like that.

I have an awful memory.

I can only remember two jokes.

But you all came! Thank you for just taking time out of your life to read my blog, you’re amazing. Have a celebratory 200 Follower doughnut for being so great.



Thank you so much for reading,



83 thoughts on “200 Followers??

  1. Aw congratulations and I completely feel the same about the quote you used, there are so many huge bloggers out there! Congratulations, you’ll get so many more! xxx

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS ALEXX!!!!! I’m so so happy to be a part of your awesome family! A job well done! Hope you keep blogging because you are absolutely fantastic!! Luv ya!

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    1. Thank you so much, as I said from the start we’re going through this journey together and I’m so happy to see your name pop up more often around the teen/Young Adult blogging community. I’m so glad that I met you!

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