So in celebration of my 200 follower milestone I would love to do a Q&A, considering I enjoyed doing the last one so much. Ask me anything! Blogging, mental health, advice, silly stuff, writing etc. just go crazy! I would really appreciate it if you took part, because currently I’m sitting here all lonely with no questions.

Thank you so much for reading,


41 thoughts on “Questions!

  1. I really like the idea of asking questions related to mental health! Here are ma questions: Have you ever had experiences with anxiety or depression? If so what advice would you give to others in terms of how to help someone else who’s going through it? And what’s your Harry Potter house? πŸ˜€ again congrats on 200 followers!!

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  2. If you could be a a character in any of the movies that have been released, who would you be?
    What is your favourite blog post that you have ever written and why?
    How tall are you?
    On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the least and 10 is the most, how obsessed are you with YouTube?
    What’s your favourite part of living?

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  3. What’s your favourite number and why?
    What’s your hair like?
    When typing in all caps, do you: hold shift or press the caps lock button?
    Using your initials, create a new product name (not question I know | e.g. abc = Annoying Brother Capsule)

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  4. First question I ask everybody- How’s life?
    2) Who’s your fav singer?
    3) am I irritating you?
    4) are you addicted to blogging? why?
    5) do you read book? which one is the one you are recently?
    6) do you think of ending your life anytime?because of any situation? sorry to sound creepy!
    That’s all! sorry if you hate the questions! i’m glad it if you like them!

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  5. If there was an alternative universe of opposites,what would alternative you be doing?

    I get into ‘outside my head’ moments so sorry my question in a bit crazy

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  6. What is your favorite book and who is your favorite character?
    What do you typically do when you are bored/in your free time?
    What is your favorite color?
    Why do you blog?
    What inspired you to write Noodle Panda?

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  7. which superhero do you think you resemble in terms of personality or superpowers?
    Tell us one secret about you. this isn’t really a question.
    okay, What is your secret ? lol
    and what bands are your favorite ?

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