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The Existential Crisis Post

Life is a strange concept. We create our own version of reality in our heads, but somehow we seem to comply with only one set of rules. Everyone’s lives seem to be controlled by the struggle for survival in our a world where money seems to be the invisible power.

It upsets me when people literally throw away their lives in order to comply with system. For example, my French teacher obviously hates his job. He shouts at us:

“It’s bad for your education and it’s bad for my health.”

“You’re wasting my talents!”

“I hate teaching here. You don’t listen and you’re not learning.”

In these quotes I see a man who is desperate for purpose. As a man, probably approaching his senior years, his inevitable death seems to be creeping up on him and like us all, he wants to leave a mark on this Earth before he leaves it. I know he wouldn’t appreciate me studying him like this on my blog, but it is really all I can think about.

He has traveled and has seen a fair bit of the world, but it seems that he stopped many years ago. Accepting his youth is over, he grew up and melted into modern human existence.

I am naive and I am a child. I understand that he probably has little choice but to scrape his wage and try to make the little things in life count. But life is so much more than that. It’s an incredible concept that you can’t even describe, although it is completely and utterly free. Our own perspective of the universe and everything in it is our mind’s creation and it’s a shame that we all seem to share the same mind. This stupid and worthless idea of capitalist survival, every man for himself and a race to the grave.

I wish to tell my French teacher to stop teaching and maybe I will. Although as I do not know the man very well, half of me feels like it is unfair to pass judgment.  I am trapped too, although right now, the ‘trap’ has brought me education and thus opportunity. Yet I promise myself, never to end up like my French teacher.

There is no meaning of life and it is this philosophy that has got us entangled in this mess. Appreciate what you have and be independent in your thoughts. The possibilities are endless.

And queue existential crisis.

Thank you so much for reading,





21 thoughts on “The Existential Crisis Post

  1. I’ve always wondered how it’s possible to not have a life. I’m not scared of dying, probably because I’m still young but it’s just something that I’m curious about. What if life is just something we’ve created in out heads and none of it is real? Great post! 🙂

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    1. I’m no longer scared of dying, but sometimes I think about it. We do create our lives in our heads, but I guess that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. All very confusing and it’s left to interpretation, which I like. Thank you for reading! 🙂


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