200 Followers Q&A part 1

In celebration of my 200 follower milestone I have decided to do a Q&A. I’m splitting the questions between two posts, because lots of people actually took part, which is really crazy (thank you so much, you angels!)

Accio questions!

How’s life?  (EDMonGOVN)

Just searched the thesaurus for another word for ‘rad’ and ‘doozie’ must be my favourite. I’m feeling doozie, thanks for asking.


What’s your Harry Potter house? 😀  -luna

Ravenclaw all the way!

Using your initials, create a new product name e.g. abc = Annoying Brother Capsule) – emiwee

A.C.H = Authentic Cloud Hallucinatory. See beautiful clouds everywhere you look with the Authentic Cloud Hallucinatory. Feel as if you are flying whilst living amongst the clouds that are only visible to you. Even the ugliest things become beautiful sunsets.  

Fav movie?- dziey

All in all, I will have to say The Immitation Game. It literally broke my heart, but tells the incredible story of an incredible man who we all owe our lives to. Plus, the acting is fantastic. I love it.

What bands are your favorite? – Random Crap

So many to choose from! Firm favourites include Pulp, The Smiths, The Beatles, The Staves and First Aid Kit. Current favourites include Radiohead, Cage the Elephant and Midlake.

If you could go back in history, what year would you go to? – Simply My Life

I would have loved to have been a young adult during the sixties and seventies, when bands such as The Beatles and David Bowie were fresh news.

Yep, I just said the phrase ‘fresh news’

If you could only bring one book, one album and use one social media on a desert island, what would they be and why? – Blogging Jess

I would take the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley to the desert island, because it has lots of ideas to think about, so hopefully I wouldn’t get bored too easily. I would choose Common People by Pulp as my album, because it’s just such a fun album. I wouldn’t mind it becoming the soundtrack to my life. And WordPress would be my social media because I could still talk to you guys, you could help me escape from the island.

Have you ever had experiences with anxiety or depression? If so what advice would you give to others in terms of how to help someone else who’s going through it? – Luna

Try to consult someone about it, if you have no one to talk to, you can always email me at theinternethotel@yahoo.com 🙂 Believe things will get better, because they will. Try to understand the root of the problem and attack that first. Remember to look after yourself and if something makes you unhappy, stop doing it and lie down for a little while. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and good people, always put your mental health first. Strip back everything and focus on one problem at a time. Remember you are not made up of your difficulties and there are still positive things to look for. Be patient with yourself.

Your obsession? – dziey

Angel delight, Pot Noodles, Pinterest and Cats.

Is there anything better?

What’s your hair like? – emiwee

Well it was long but then I chopped it to my shoulders. It’s curly/wavy and dirty blonde, I’ve had a full fringe since I’ve had hair.

If you could have lunch with any person dead/Alive who would it be? – My Totally Average Teenage Life

THERE’S SO MANY PEOPLE. I’m considering Shakespeare because he could help me with my English homework and explain to me all his Shakespeare secrets (I’m sure there is many) David Bowie would also be very cool, but I think I would be too starstruck.

But I think I’ll choose my Grandma, because it would be amazing to talk to her again.


Part 1 of my Q&A is complete. If you read all my answers, you have gained five gold stars, because you are remarkable, I couldn’t listen to me ramble for that long.

Thank you so much for reading,



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