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January Favourites


Here I am with another monthly favourites, January went so quickly! I hope you enjoy this post, it’s worth reading, just for my A* beauty blogger skills and wise and intellectual music reviews.


(Complete with highly professional beauty blogger images. )

 Body Shop Honey Bronzer
Considering my face heavily resembles a blobfish during winter this bronzer is fantastic in subtly giving my face in the tiniest bit of structure.
The shade itself is 03 medium matte. As a matte bronzer, it’s great for contouring but looks very natural. There is a huge range of shades to choose from, but I think this one is great for pale skin. I also love the honeycomb print on the product and the mirror inside the compact is very good.
Am I doing it right?

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

So if I tried to take a photo of my primer, then you’d essentially get a shriveled little pouch (strange phrase) covered in make-up remnants, as for the past month I’ve been using the Urban Decay sample primers that come with the eye shadow palettes themselves. THEY ARE AMAZING! My eye shadow looks just as good in the morning, as it does in the evening. My favourite shade is original, because I find the tinted primers to be too intrusive on the actual look. As Original is transparent, it secretly locks my eyeshadow in place without a fuss.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I’m sorry that there is so many make up favourites this month! I’m guessing 95% of my audience are super bored.


Did that get you interested again? I hope so and by the way I’m sitting in a hippo-free zone. Back to the concealer; I ran out of my Revlon Colourstay Concealer at the beginning of the month so went down to my local supermarket and picked up this gem in the shade Ivory.


Swatch ft. dying plants in my garden

It’s extremely brightening and very good for concealing redness. It’s relatively ‘dewy’ in the way that it makes my skin look very ‘bouncy’ and ‘youthful’

I don’t know what I’m talking about dudes.

It’s great, 10/10.


Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

Just chillin’
I decided to put it amongst ornaments? I don’t know.

My Mum bought me this mist for Christmas and I, by coincidence, bought it for her too, as we are both obsessed with the Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter. This perfume is that product liquefied and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a very creamy vanilla scent, but it’s not too sweet. I’ve been wearing it on it’s own, but sometimes I’ve paired it with Honey by Marc Jacobs which has a light floral scent.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

LAST BEAUTY FAVOURITE! I never thought I would like Snow Fairy, but after receiving a 100ml bottle for Christmas, I have become obsessed. Admittedly, it’s very sweet, but I do not find this overpowering. The scent is identical to the smell of Candyfloss and the product itself lathers well. I used Snow Fairy consistently throughout January and it only ran out last week. Unfortunately, it is a Limited Edition product, therefore I will have to wait until Christmas to get another bottle!


Tom Rosenthal: Discovered on Youtube, Tom is my little nugget of wonderfullness. He’s songs are written so beautifully, but there is a very unique quirkiness about them. There is a beautiful tone to his voice and I find his songs very relaxing, emotional and uplifting.

Tracks to listen to:

Don’t you know how busy and important I am?

Take Your Guess
Sex, Death and Landscapes (the music video for this is stunning!)


Cage The Elephant: Cool ass indie band Cage The Elephant have sat very comfortably amongst my repeats this month. Catchy lyrics, twangy tones and awesome base and guitar lines, Cage The Elephant are definitely and up and coming band to look out for.

I almost feel cool listening to them.

Tracks to listen to:

Spiderhead (this is insane, I’m in love)
Sweetie Little Jean
Cry Baby
Too Late to Say Goodbye

David Bowie: As you are probably aware, the legend himself David Bowie, sadly passed away at the beginning of the month. His death had a huge emotional impact on me, but encouraged me to listen to him even more.



Bowie’s new album Blackstar is different from his previous albums in every way, but still remains expectational. Constantly reinventing himself, the tracks on Blackstar are very haunting in a way and much darker than the songs written in the sixties and seventies.Although there is something very special about the album, it almost seems ghostly and supernatural. The lyrics, specifically I find on Lazarus, are very telling of what Bowie was going through at the time. The music videos for the tracks are  also incredible pieces of film, everything about the album is art.

Hunky Dory


I have also been frequently listening to one of my favourite Bowie albums, Hunky Dory this month. Including amazing hits such as Life on Mars? and Oh! You pretty things! I think this album optimizes everything I love about David Bowie. Each song is just so wonderfully put together and the lyrics are incredibly creative. The album most definitely has a nostalgia about it too.

Midlake: One of my favourite songs of all time is Roscoe by Midlake, although I had never even listened to any of their other songs until now. Their music is just so beautiful, the singing is absolutely incredible. The band is folk acoustic, but I’d fit them under the category of bands such as Daughter. Very relaxed, very chill and very unique.

Tracks to listen to (all amazing):

Roscoe (one of the best songs of modern times I swear)
Young Bride (I love the instruments on this one and I find the actual song very calming)
The Old and the Young(it makes my stomach feel wobbly it’s that good)

Radiohead: Last music favourite, sorry there has been so many! Radiohead are a band I’d heard of but never actually listened to until January. I absolutely love the whole Radiohead vibe, it has a strong indie-rock sound, but songs such as ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ have an incredible sensitivity.




Unfortunately, my ootd images haven’t uploaded (literally gutted) so you’re going to have to deal with my crappy explanations, I’ll make it short and snappy.

This month I have been enjoying wearing lots of blue and green tones. One of my favourites is a green ribbed jumper from Topshop, as modeled by a dashing white background on the Topshop website.


I really love the sporty vibe of this jumper and the fabric itself is very slimming. Usually, I’ve been  lazy and styled this with black jeans, although it would look great with black dungarees. 

I have also being loving this fluffy teal jumper from F&F (Tesco’s clothing line) I bought the jumper for £10 and it’s such a fantastic purchase. The fluffiness reminds me of green velvet and it’s unbelievably warm.

Lastly, I will excellently describe to you a swing dress which I bought from Marks & Spencer’s. It’s from the range LIMITED EDITION which is where I also bought my coat from. Marks & Spencer’s actually have some pretty decent pieces and the dress I bought was very loose fitting (covers the tub tub) and the paisley pattern reminded me of seventies fashion.



Chocolate: This month I’ve been munching through all the left over Christmas chocolates and after that, craving even more. Most people try to become healthier during January, but I’ve been determined to continue the festivities by eating as much chocolate as I can. Favourites include: anything fudge/caramel based, snowbites, Creme eggs (yep I got them that early) chocolate trifle and Chocolate Oranges.

Happy piglet.

And that’s all my favourites! I’m sorry it turned into like an essay, although I’ve been writing for two hours, so I hope you enjoyed it! You’re all amazing, beautiful angels and I wish you a wonderful February.

Thank you so much for reading,



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