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January Reflections and February Goals and Long Winded Titles

Happy 1st of February! Today I want to reflect quickly on how January was for me and then set some personal and blogging goals for this month. It’s going to be thrilling.

Like every month, January had its highs and its lows, but I’ve definitely come out the month feeling positive. It began with the cupboards still stocked with chocolates and crackers and the Christmas tree still glittering in the former glory of gifts and fairy lights. It was time to start afresh and as I threw myself back into High School life I came across the same old problems: stress, stress, failure, sadness, stress, stress, exhaustion, I think I’m ill, stress, stress, failure and repeat. And admittedly, I had my lows but overall this month hasn’t been too bad on the school front, but maybe I’m reflecting as this positive and sunshiny human being. I don’t think I felt that great when I angrily wrote the post ‘Why I hate High School’ (which is still sitting in my drafts) or started crying in the girl’s toilets about a bloody maths test.

Have I actually achieved any New Year’s resolutions?

Read more non-fiction

Considering, I returned from my reading break on Saturday, I haven’t managed to read one non-fiction book. Although I read The Martian by Andy Weir over the weekend (interested in a review?) and I’m hoping to start a new book tonight.

Improve writing

I’ve continued to write consistently and I like to think I’m improving.

Document my life

Weekly Journals have been… weekly, apart from last week where I didn’t actually document anything. I’ve just been very busy and I never want to make blogging an inconvenience, hopefully there will be another upload on Sunday! As for my visual diary, that’s going pretty well too. I actually got my Polaroid working again, so I’ve been enjoying ‘capturing the memories’ that way.

Continue Ukulele

I broke my Ukulele string and haven’t had chance to replace it.

I’m not Dodie Clark just yet.

Continue to blog


Cook food more often

I didn’t actually put this one on my New Year’s Resolutions post, because I quite simply forgot. And I can also report I’ve not made one meal, save a Pot Noodle and some toast. Although this goal is still at the for front of my mind and I’m hoping to achieve it this month.

So I guess that’s a mixed bag. I’ve got the whole year anyway!



Blogging: I have so many ambitions in terms of this blog this month, I’m so excited where these ideas will go and what they will mean for you.

  1. This month I am planning to photograph all my outfits and then combine the best ones into a ‘OOTM’ (outfit of the month) which will hopefully become a monthly feature. Fashion is actually very important to me and it’s something which I really care about it as I see my clothes as an expression of myself, so I’m really excited to start posting something different on Happy Alex.
  2. The Internet Café will return! After taking a huge break (sorry) I am planning to reintroduce the feature on this blog, starting this Friday.
  3. More book reviews should be coming your way, if I actually get my butt in gear and read some stuff. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE BOOKS I’M GOING TO READ.



  1. I would love to see my friends out of school more often. We do see each other, but it’s sort of a monthly thing or we get together for Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays etc Some of my best memories are with my friends, but I just felt like I didn’t spend enough time with them this month.
  2. Keep writing my novella (maybe finish the second draft)
  4. Actually make time to watch Shadowhunters.
  5. Get a debit card set up, because I’m sick of having 0% finical independence.
  6. Put things in saucepan. Stir things. Eat things.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What are your plans for February?

Thank you so much for reading,


Read my monthly favourites here, because I’m proud of that post and cheeky spon because it’s my blog.



14 thoughts on “January Reflections and February Goals and Long Winded Titles

  1. Firstly, great post! Secondly, I have never ever EVER heard anyone describe High School better than you have in that first paragraph. That simple description is my life. ‘I think I’m ill’, me last Wednesday😂I managed to get the day off and I’m fine now but oh my god, I’d love that paragraph painted onto my wall, or a t-shirt or something a little less drastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems like you’re on a good way in achieving your goals for this year so, congrats! And can’t wait for the OOTD posts if you manage to do them! Alex, I am convinced you’ll come to achieve everything you put your mind to, really! Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

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