The Internet Hotel

The Internet Hotel Café ep. 4

Hello everybody! Happy Friday, I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m very happy to welcome you into the Internet Hotel Café once again, I’ve really missed writing these posts. I’ve decided, instead of having a full menu to have a few exclusive meals each episode, which are relevant to the café’s question that day.

I hope that actually makes sense.

Today’s menu


Martian Rocks: Don’t worry, these aren’t real Martian rocks but imitations made from a rare concoction of wild mushrooms, cheese  and a selection of rare herbs, with a light dusting of breadcrumbs. All frozen, coming from the kitchen steaming with dry ice, to intimidate the freezing climate of Mars. Although the ‘rocks’ melt quickly, to create a beautiful garlic mushroom starter that is ready to enjoy my any astronaut who prefers to stay at home.


The Astronauts Pack Lunch: Who says space food isn’t glamourous? We’ve still freeze dried this main, but as it doesn’t need to be blasted into space we’ve made sure it’s maintained it’s delicious flavour. We’ll freeze dry your favourite dish, just tell us in the comments below!


Luna Cake: The most popular cake on the moon, eaten by all the moon men and women, this Internet Hotel exclusive is a shimmering, silver dome that encases a  sweet starberry jam (original name) a  milky way flavoured ice cream and a light, vanilla sponge made my the moon men themselves. Be careful, if you eat too much of this delicious treat, you will have 0% gravity for approximately seven hours. 

The café’s question:

If you were to be blasted into space on a one way trip, which three people would you bring with you? (alive or dead)


Given the opportunity, would you enter a black hole?


I can’t wait to read your answers!

Thank you so much for reading,


Read more information about the Internet Hotel  here!


19 thoughts on “The Internet Hotel Café ep. 4

  1. and i would most definitely not enter a black hole..because that is way too scary for me.
    but i have no idea who i would bring with me! because i could bringe geniuses but they could have bad social skills or be in their own heads and we wouldnt even have materials to make crafts to get back home, so it might be better to bring people that it would be good to pass the time with?

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    1. I never actually thought about bringing geniuses along but that’s actually a good idea. But I agree, they might be really boring and that would drive me insane. But it’s hard to narrow down like three people that I would spend the rest of my life with


  2. i would bring my two best friends with me because they make everything worth it and we’ll have lots of laughts. i would also bring my mama because i haven’t seen her in 6 years .
    this post is very clever by the way . genuis !

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  3. oh sit i forgot Ariana grande . she can sing to us all day with her angelic voice . gosh i love her
    i know it’s four but i’m too into this question lol
    also kalinandmyles!
    sorry sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yes ! Victorious is the first time I’ve discovered her and I fell in love . gosh I love her and I like it when people do too :D:D
        ps. I still watch victorious here and then .

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  4. I would bring with me my brother, Grace Helbig and Dan Howell. And I would not enter a black hole. It’s just a area in space where space and time squeezes you. Also, I have no idea of what I’m saying.

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    1. Grace and Dan, oh my god I love them both and I’m sure your brothers great 🙂 I don’t think I would either, but then it’s the curiosity of the unknown. Thank you so much for taking part!!!


  5. Bloody love these posts, they’re so creative. I’m extremely curious, but I don’t think I would enter a black hole – I value life too highly for that. Also, I’m going to be soppy and say my sister and my two best friends. They’re some of the only people that I think I could actually spend the rest of my life with. xxx

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