200 Follower Q&A part 2

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Welcome! Today I’m going to ask the remainder of the questions you asked me for my 200 follower milestone. There is actually a lot of questions, as I sort of under estimated how many of you would actually take part, however I’m really excited to answer all of them, because you guys seriously came up with such creative topics.


What is your favourite blog post that you have ever written and why? – teenella

Everything I post on this blog I am honestly proud of, because admittedly, I want to do the best for myself. However my favourite posts are probably Am I just sensitive?  Ridiculous and I’m an actor. Because I felt really passionate when writing these posts and I think this is when I write best.

What’s your favourite number and why? – emiwee

Three, I chose this as my favourite number when I was around six because I felt a little lost without one. I chose three at the time, because I thought at the grand age of 6 that when I was 3 I was the happiest. Now, three is my favourite number because everything looks better in threes.

When typing in all caps, do you: hold shift or press the caps lock button? – emiwee


Last book you read? – dziey

The Martian by Andy Weir. I thought it was amazing.

Which is your favourite season and why? – daydreamer52

I love all the seasons for different reasons, but I think summer is my favourite month. This is because I’m not at school and I get to go lots of music festivals. It’s also my birthday whoop whoop.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? – fibit

In ten years time I will be 24, in theory I will probably be finishing off a masters in psychology at university (hopefully) and beginning my career. And that is wonderful, however I hope to have traveled a lot by then too and my dream is to become a published author, so if 24 me was working on that goal I would be very happy. Apart from that, I think I’ll just see how things go and live in the moment.

Favourite item of clothing?  – privatepublicgirl

This season (very professional) it’s definitely been my brick red pinafore dress. It’s really cute but also really versatile, which makes it currently, my most frequently worn item of clothing. The colour is really pretty and goes with pretty much anything, I love the copper zip on the side and the big front pockets too. I’m wearing it today and you will hopefully see it in my OOTM at the end of February!

If there was an alternative universe of opposites,what would alternative you be doing? – debwashere

This is such a cool question, although it took me a second to get my brain around it. And I guess it’s how far you take the opposites. I’m currently inside my bed, but in an alternate universe I’m sitting on top of the covers. My hair is tied up instead of down and I’m reading instead of writing. But then I’m also living, so in an alternate universe I’m dying? If you agree with the parallel universe theory this is ultimately true and also I don’t know where I’m going with this, all I know is that some major sh*t is going down in an alternate universe. Question complete!

Favourite thing about blogging – my totally average teenage life

I feel so happy when I write blogposts, because I just love it so much. I also love meeting lots of lovely people, this community is seriously amazing!

 Tell us one secret about you – Random Crap

I almost jabbed myself with the deadly cactus that sits on my windowsill. One time its spikes got stuck in my foot. I thought it was the end.

I’m sorry that wasn’t very mysterious or exciting, I’m just not a very mysterious or exciting person.

Favourite animal? – It’s Two In The Morning

Cats because my cat is my inspiration.

I really like my cat.

Favorite movie & book? – Bernie’s Musings and Doings

I find it so so difficult to narrow down my favourite book, I really can’t say a favourite, because when I read something I form a very personal connection with the story, choosing a favourite is like choosing a favourite child. Movie wise, I have lots of favourites there too, for example my favourite animation is UP! My favourite short is The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright. My favourite artsy blow your mind is 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I think overall for sheer amazingness I’m going for The Imitation Game. 

Also I think I answered this question last time, but ah well.

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the least and 10 is the most, how obsessed are you with YouTube? – teenella

It’s an absolutely AMAZING AMAZING INCREDIBLE REVOLUTIONARY PLATFORM WITH A HOST OF CREATIVE ANGELS. But I’m giving it a 9.5/10 because there are some d*cks on there that could p*ss anyone off.

How tall are you? – teenella

About 5’4

Favourite part of living – teenella

Being alive.

How very philosophical/lazy of me.


(Just thought I’d interrupt this exciting Q&A to ask if you’re all still alive and well. I’m sorry it’s so long, but everyone asked great questions and I’m having so much fun answering them. I hope I’m not boring you)



What inspired you to write Noodle Panda? – ally

I was just reading some posts on this site and I came across some amazing creative writing from Letters to Emma and it simply inspired me to start writing stories again (I’d been writing only poetry for a while) I didn’t have a destination but just the opening dialogue of “Idiot” the idea of Noodle Panda itself just developed as I wrote the first few pages of my draft.

What is your favourite colour – ally

Pretty much any shade the sky turns.

What are your most awkward/embarrassing experiences? – fibit

Too many to mention.

What is your happiest memory? -daydreamer52

I have had lots of happy memories, sad ones too, but plenty of happiness to keep me smiling. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint one memory that is happier than all others. My happiest memories could be at Glastonbury and the excitement I have felt there. Or the time my Mum passed her driving test, that was the first time I cried with happiness. Or times I have spent with friends, late night conversations at sleepovers are always amazing. I’m unsure on my happiest, but I know there are plenty of good contenders.

Do you have any regrets (if so, what)? -fibit

Of course I have made mistakes and landed myself in situations I wish I hadn’t, but all those ‘regrets’ have made me the person I am today and I am too afraid or peaceful to change that.

What do you typically do when you are bored/in your free time? – Ally

Read a book or read blogs. Possibly write something if I feel inspired or hop on youtube.

Why do you blog? – Ally

I blog because it makes me happy and hopefully it makes other people happy. I can make new friendships, which I cherish as much as the ones in real life and I can further my skills as a writer in order to achieve my goals for the future. But ultimately, I just love it.


Woah, that was a lot of questions! Thank you to everyone who asked me anything, I really appreciated it.

Thank you so much for reading,


Read Part 1 here.


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