Finding & Capturing Inspiration

Hello, today I would like to talk to you guys about how to find inspiration and then how to capture it in your little brain boxes and keep it there for ever more.

Sounds a little evil actually.

Inspiration is all about taking ideas and interpreting them in your own way to create something original. But sometimes it isn’t that easy, so hopefully these tips will help you increase your creativity levels so you can create some super amazing work.

That’s right, not just amazing but super amazing.

Finding Inspiration:

Music: Some people find music distracting  but certain genres of music always have a positive impact on  my writing. Songs are pretty much poems, so they can really help you develop ideas and phrases. Bands such as The Beatles, Daughter and First Aid Kit have particularly poetic lyrics.

Music can also influence the mood of the characters in a novel. I find uplifting music makes my characters more inspired, just as sad music makes my characters more depressed.

Images: Social media sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are packed full of pictures that can help you feel inspired. Copy and paste an image that stands out to you into a word document and then try to write something about it. Just write whatever comes to mind and don’t worry if your subject digresses from the topic of the image. You’re writing and that is all that matters!

Conversation: Often certain things people say trigger an idea in my mind, surround yourself in intelligent conversation and human beings will soon inspire you.

Surround yourself in your art: If you’re a writer, read books. A filmmaker, watch films. An artist, visit art galleries and buy art books. A musician, listen to lots of music. It’s pretty self explanatory.

The world: Looking outside your window can be enough inspiration. I always find after a long walk in the countryside I feel a little more awakened and start to see things differently. Sitting in a park and watching people is an easy way to find inspiration too, just makes sure you don’t make your people watching too obvious!

Free writing: My friend, you’ve got a lot of ideas up there, so open up a word document and just write loads of random shit. Some of my better poems have come from complete nonsense. You’ll probably end up with a few key phrases that you can then work into a poem, or sometimes you end up writing a masterpiece in a few minutes. Either way, you’ll come out with something, guaranteed.

Don’t force creativity: Doing these things might not give you a good idea straight away, so don’t become frustrated if your idea is not ‘good enough’ I write most of my poems after a few terrible ideas.


Capturing the creativity:

Sometimes you’re not lucky enough to have a word document open when you have a light bulb moment, so it’s important to find others way to note down ideas.

Audio recordings: You can speak quicker than you can type. I have a voice recorder with a USB stick which I use to record poetry ideas and ramblings. I can then type this up in a coherent manner afterwards.

Notes: I think many brilliant ideas have been originally created on Notes. For most people, a phone is easily accessible and it is more convenient way to write ideas. If you’re more traditional, a notebook is an obvious option – the only problem is that you can type quicker than you can write. Although notebooks are much prettier and I always use them when planning out stories.

Capture the image: If you see something that inspires you, take a photograph of it. Most phones have decent cameras these days but I also like to carry around a digital camera with me – it feels more artsy what can I say.


I hope you found this post helpful! And I hope that you have a lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow if you’re celebrating, if not (like me) I hope you have a nice day anyway.

Thank you so much for reading,


Before you go…

Later this evening, I will be doing my weekly guest post on Simply My Life, so if you’re interested in reading that please go and follow Kendall’s blog and show her some support.


36 thoughts on “Finding & Capturing Inspiration

      1. That’s what I do mostly, because it works but it’s really really boring. I find more creative ways of revision more fun but I know that I’m still learning something. Self testing also really works for me 🙂

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      1. The only day I didn’t do it was last night because I was honestly feeling unwell, but I will post next week and all my old posts are still on there. Egh, I feel so bad I just honestly couldn’t manage. It’s still an amazing blog though and I’m glad you followed ❤

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      2. I’m always looking for more people to follow too and I think I just like to keep things open. I’m not sure what category I’d put my blog under, it’s a bit of everything really. Just what I want to talk about

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      3. I actually stayed in a mental hospital too and I did art therapy with the other patients, it inspired by Dad to train to be an art therapist. It’s pretty awesome and I think it could help a lot of people

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  1. Yesss these is so good! I have used all of these techniques at one point or another. I am SO going back to this post the next time I get writers block! Oh and your guest post sounds great, I’ll check it out! ❤️

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  2. I find a lot of inspiration easily. My latest inspiration caused a life altering change or I mean writing change. There was a internet site that showed a list of books that libraries get rid of while restocking new books. The book was called ‘Special People’ it sounded like an offensive title but its just a children’s book helping them educate about the the people in the world around them that serve special roles in their lives like doctors, police, fireman and so on. It’s inspired me to start writing children’s books instead of horror. Funny the power of inspiration can affect us.,

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