It’s Everywhere!!!!

Hello my friends! Over the next few days I’m going to be doing a lot of guest/collab posts (okay three) so I guess I’ll just pop them here and you can take a look if you’re interested.

Shameless spon, WHILST supporting other bloggers.


This & That:  I am one of the seven bloggers involved in the collaborative blog This&That. I will be making my first post tonight, so if you have the time, please take a look at the blog here. I will be posting every Friday, but even if you don’t want to read my posts, there are other amazing bloggers collaborating on the site so it’s worth taking a look.

Other This & That bloggers:








Simply my life: I’ve been guest posting on this blog for a quite a few weeks now, but only told you guys last week when I actually became too ill to make my weekly post. But you will see me there tomorrow, so please take a look at Kendall’s site if you have the chance. You’ll be supporting all the lovely bloggers who guest post on the site too 🙂 Check out Simply my life  here!


A Thursday in the future

Teenage Blogger Spotlight:  Stephanie has launched an awesome project about teenagers in 2016 and I’ve offered to help. She posts a ‘teenage blogger spotlight’ post every Thursday, I will soon feature, so please take a look at her fantastic blog here.

Thank you so much for reading,




7 thoughts on “It’s Everywhere!!!!

    1. Wow thank you and I got asked to be apart of this one, but normally bloggers ask for volunteers and you can just comment asking if you can join in and then it all sort of just happens. Sorry if I’m not very helpful, I’m not an expert haha


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