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Weekly Journal 15/02/16

Hello, welcome to my weekly journal! I hope you enj0y reading, I’ll see you at the end!

Monday: Hello and welcome to another weekly journal! I’m so impressed I’ve managed to keep up with these! Today was the first day of half term and I got my hair cut! In October I got my hair cut to about 1.5cm past my shoulders, it grew down just past my shoulder blades.  Anyway today I got it cut to above my shoulders, with a few choppy layers put in and I actually really love it. I love the whole process of going to the hairdressers, I just find it a lovely experience.



After getting my haircut I went back to my school to do a drama rehearsal, because I offered to help an A Level student with their production about Alzheimer’s disease. I didn’t mind going to school during half term because I love being part of plays and this particular one is very powerful. I’m just helping with scene changes, I hope I don’t mess it up!

I then went to the city centre with my Mum to have a coffee in my favourite cafe of all time. I ordered a cappuccino and a carrot cake muffin. I swear, I’ve been going this place since I popped out the womb and I still love it. The place isn’t very glamorous and it’s tucked away in a sort of dark corner of the shopping centre, but the family that run it are lovely and the food is so much nicer and cheaper than anything from Starbucks and Costa. It was nice to spend time with Mum to, I understand she’s feeling stressed right now, so I hope I took her mind off things for a while.

Then we went to the bank to set up my debit card account, but unfortunately you have to book an appointment so we’re going tomorrow. I can’t wait to gain a little more financial independence!

My evening has consisted of too much pizza, a new duvet (much warmer yay) and Ambi making me this amazing header which has made my blog look so much more  personal and put together. Thank you so much Ambi for taking the time to do that, I appreciate it so much! Her blog is here.

So the first day of half term was surprisingly busy!  I want to jam pack this time with memories instead of just lying around, I think I’ve done enough of that. It’s been nice talking friends, see you tomorrow!

Tuesday: I went on a bit yesterday, blimey. I’ll try to make this a little shorter, although no guarantees that’s actually going to happen.

Update: my hair is still looking hella rad, it’s making me feel so much more confident and happy. Also my February outfit diary is shaping up nicely. I’m becoming much more confident in front of the camera and I’ve got some nice outfits planned this week. I’m also hoping to photograph my beauty routine make up thing post tomorrow yay.

Back up Zoella.

Anyway today I set up my debit card! It’s not actually that exciting yet because the bank needs to actually send me my card, but mum gave me my first £30 in solid cash. Which will soon disappear tomorrow because I’ve organized to go Pizza Hut with my friends (yay excitement)

After going to the bank we went our local museum and art gallery. I actually had such a lovely time with my mum and brother, my favourite section was the ceramics, some of those pots are seriously so delicately crafted it’s incredible. The colours and all the intricate carvings are stunning.

We also went to the Museum cafe and we were served my four very frantic women, who didn’t seem to be expecting customers. But they were seriously adorable and I just wanted to help them out. They put two slices of cucumber and a tomato next to my brother’s jumbo sausage roll as salad and something about that I found really really cute. They were just like sweet grandmas trying their best and aw okay I’m welling up.

You know I haven’t written my novella in like five days? Crap. I’m not panicking but I sort of am because I need to write that shiz, you know what I’m just not going to think about it.

I started learning my lines for Lady Windermere’s Fan though, sh*t that on top of my learning my French Controlled Assessment? I’m preparing for a mental breakdown.

ANYWAY I forgot to tell you guys that yesterday I bumped into one of my old friends from hospital.

The mysterious hospital place I’m always referring to and I should probs tell you guys about.

It was surreal seeing this girl after such a long time and our meeting was over in a whirl of hugs and “you look great!” I would love to catch up with her, that would be lovely.

Anyway friends, I think overall my half term has being pretty amazing so far and I’ll hopefully remember to keep you posted tomorrow. Thank you so much for taking a little bit of interest in my life, I appreciate it greatly.


Thursday: Hello friends. Yesterday I ate pizza, today I had the conflicting views of ‘do nothing and be entertained but constantly stressed you’re not doing anything with your life’ or the ‘do the work and be endlessly bored and depressed’ I actually feel kinda stressed, ah help.

My debit card came through the post.

I love Hank Green.

My bones feel achy with stress.

Friday: Hello friends. Today was another day trying to do a little homework integrated within well deserved relaxation. I’m sorry yesterday’s post was a little brief, I like my journals to capture my mood at that specific moment, they don’t have to involve everything going on in my life. One thing that is really annoying me though, is how I don’t have any batteries for my camera which is sort of crucial to the future of my February outfit diary.

Also, I’m really happy with my Internet Hotel Café post today. I just feel like I produced a really good, creative idea. I know those posts are a little weird and aren’t that popular but the people who read them are super awesome and it literally means the world. I don’t see all 261 of you as a collective, but as individuals and the fact that one human being has enjoyed my work means more than anything.

Am I making any sense?

Anyway batteries for camera. Needs to happen. I also need to tidy my room, revise and collect stationary for when I return to the living hell which is my school. But ah, that’s a problem for tomorrow. Now I need to sleep, I’m a tired lil’ bunny. G’night.

Saturday: I remain battery-less! I can’t believe this, how am I going to photograph my outfits?! Anyway, today was homework and blogging, which I don’t mind. Just trying to prepare for school WHILST singing along really really loudly to ‘This is Hardcore’ by Pulp, I LOVE that album.

Today I did a sassy-ass post about the term ‘are you on your period or something’ and I really appreciate the feedback so far. I then did a exception vs reality post on simply my life and I’m actually really happy with that post?? I talked about cats, but ended up being kinda funny and just a lot of fun, you can read it here and please give Kendall a follow whilst you’re at it, I guest post every Saturday.

I also wrote my novella today, although I’m finding it so hard to write recently, I’m really struggling with defining the character of Kate. I don’t just want a female character to be ‘strong’ and then that’s it. I want her to have complexity and emotion, but at the same time I’m conveying someone who’s pretty much shut down. I’m also discussing lots of ways the plot can venture to and I’m unsure which one is the most effective.

Anyway, now I’m going to watch youtube and then read a little. Good night friends.

Sunday: First things first, thank you so much for the response on my post entitled ‘are you on your period or something’ (find it here) I really never expected that many people to express their opinions on the subject. I really don’t feel like I did anything special, I just stated the obvious, so I’m just completely overwhelmed with the response. LIKE SOMEONE REBLOGGED IT AND EVERYTHING WOW. Thank you so much, you’ve made my half term awesome.

Today I watched a film called Dr Zhivago with my Mum. I really really enjoyed the film and I thought the story was fantastic, I always love stories that follow people’s lives. It’s set during the Russian revolution and I find that part of political history very interesting.

Me and my mum are also thinking about going on holiday? Just the two of us, because it’s always been a dream of ours. I’m super excited for this 1% possibility.

Tomorrow is the last day of half term, I REALLY don’t want to go back but it’s got to be done, I’m sure I’ll survive.

Thank you so much for reading (I can’t believe people actually take the time to read these things, you’re crazy)


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