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Today I witnessed merciless bullying. Disgusting, arrogant, selfish bullying and I haven’t stopped feeling sad and infuriated.

It was very wet and windy this lunchtime at school, so me and my friends were standing in this sort of room that connects a couple of classrooms. We were in one corner and a group of so called ‘nerdy’ boys were in the other. Amongst them was a boy who I will not name to preserve his anonymity. I would consider the boy a loose acquaintance, we know of each other and have spoken occasionally. I personally think he is very nice. This gang of about 15 boys, who were in my year, then entered and started mocking the boy. Maybe he had said a sharp passing comment at the gang, as they were polar opposites to each other, but whatever it was the gang stated to ruthlessly torment him. They made a mockery of his race pulling their eyes in a grotesque fashion to ‘imitate’ an Asian, hounding around him like wild dogs, leaping around him like monkeys, throwing punches at his body that remained completely still and focused. They mocked his superior intelligence, the colour of his skin, his personality, anything they could to make them look a little better and climb a little higher up the playground hierarchy. And I stood there, watching and feeling helpless. My friends told me to turn around, to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I wanted to stop the boys from bullying him, but I didn’t think he would appreciate a small 14 year old girl fighting his battles for him, he’d probably feel embarrassed and inadequate. It’s the whole idea that boys can’t ask for help, they can’t show emotion, they have to ‘man up’ and accept what comes to them and because of this so many boys get horrifically bullied and either get themselves into too many fights becoming the so called ‘bully’ themselves or suffer in silence.

The boy stood there completely still and said almost nothing. It looked as if it didn’t bother him, but how could it not? I don’t know if I should report it. I just can’t live with myself knowing I could help him, but I don’t think he will appreciate a little girl fighting his battle for him.

Yes, it is important to have empathy and I know we are told that bullies are only bullying because they’re insecure. And yes, look at them, they travel in packs because they’re too scared to look alone. But this is never an excuse to be a prejudiced against anyone. I can’t believe this level of racism still happens today, it makes me sick. That moment meant nothing to the individuals in that gang. Most of them didn’t even know his name, but they just used him to get a little ego boost to drag them through their little miserable lives. Bullying can lead to mental illness. Bullying can lead to death and we’re told that so many times and they know that. But they’re selfish enough to continue to ruin people’s lives, which shows how disgusting they really are.

We’re all victims of this viscous social circle of insecurities and judgments and prejudiced. We’re all so helplessly insecure. Please try to be the good person and report bullying. Please try to be nice to people, compliment them, I promise you it will make their day. And with a little bravery, I promise you we can change things.

Thank you so much for reading,



60 thoughts on “Victims

      1. IKR!!and its just more disgusting if you do it to someone who is alone when you are grouped, or if you do it about something that cant be helped, and isn’t even acceptable to hat esomeone for, becaue isn’t that hate crime??which makes them criminals??

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    1. Thank you very much and I know right?? i think I’m going to tell someone but ask to remain anonymous, it’s just I don’t know if he’ll appreciate anyone making a fuss about I DON’T KNOW AGHHH

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  1. It truly is sickening what people to hurt others, bullying is just ridiculous. You expressed this so well and I think youve a great heart for posting this and actualy caring for this boy even though you hardly know him.

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  2. arrghh that is just so horrible ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I totally agree, and actually every day in my school’s morning announcements they say, “If you see any bullying or harassment please come forward and help make the world a better place.” I think that is really nice, even though a lot of people make fun of it.

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    1. I think that’s a great message too, I just wish more people everywhere would act on it. My school says it’s a ‘bully free zone’ when it clearly isn’t, by denying that they have a problem, they’re only making the problem bigger. How can people make fun of those who stand up to bullies?!

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  3. you know i’ve always read about bullying and watched it in the movies. to me for some reason it’s a very foreign concept. growing up, i never really had any bullies in our class. we had like a different section for boys and girls and now it’s co-ed and i’ve heard that the boys section had plenty of bullying. it’s really sick, how mean some people can be. i’ve never even seen it in action, and i can’t help but feel surprised that it still happens.
    but i think you’re probably right not helping him he might’ve been bullied even more later being saved by a cute little girl. It’s sexist and not right, but he probably would’ve anyway.
    Atleast you thought that far, and that’s great.

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    1. I’m okay, thank you so much for writing this comment, that honestly means so much that you noticed I hadn’t posted! I never expected that. I’ve just been a little busy recently and have only just had the chance to look at wordpress again, I’ve missed posting, but fingers crossed I’ll find the time to write tomorrow!

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  4. This brings back so many memories and so many images and ugh you describe it perfectly. I was on both sides at points in my life, and both are awful to be in (the victim and the witness – not the bully). I can’t believe such levels of stupidity and cavemanship still exist.

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    1. I have too and I just want it to stop. And I know that’s impossible, but it literally makes me so sad that amazing people like you had to endure that sort of emotional torture; it’s so insane that it’s accepted as just the way it goes for some kids and that they ‘deserve it’ But hopefully by talking about it, we can bring people together, so thank you for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I don’t think anyone who reads this needs to be taught not to bully. I feel like the people who read blogs like yours and ours and write and are cultivated and intelligent aren’t the ones who go around bullying people. It’s those kids who have never read a book and who act like uneducated apes.

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      2. I would never expect the reader’s I know too bully anyone and I’m honored to be surrounded by lovely people. The lads who bullied that boy literally remind me of apes, the could do with a little bit of reading

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  5. I had a bully and I would always run for help, it didn’t stop him. one day my father taught me how to make a fist and sent me out to get him. I broke the boys nose. He never bullied again. My bully experienced ridicule that a little girl broke his nose and knew then what it was to be mistreated. Unfortunately for some people this is the only way they will learn. I grew up in a different time though when our bullies weren’t online and at least in my experience didn’t travel in packs. I see these days though that we are a society of victims and no one will speak up until it’s too late and they scream with their lives lost.

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    1. I’m really sorry that you had to deal with that. My Dad had bullies at his school and he used to fight with them all the time. Running for help isn’t a bad thing, but at least now you can ‘run’ to actual helpful organizations, because I feel teachers are becoming gradually better at dealing with bullying. However there still needs to be way more support systems in place, it angers me so much. Kids need to know where they can go if they’re being bullied. I’d love to work in a school dealing with bullying.

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