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Hey, Stop Crushing My Dreams

(things get a little political)

I want to live in London. It’s my dream, but when I tell anyone this, they tell me that London is too expensive and that I will never afford it. Since when can you predict the future?

As a ‘young working class girl’, living in Northern England, I’m sort of expected to stay put amongst the crumbling decay of a once thriving industrial town destroyed by Thatcherism. I’m not ashamed of where I come from, I never have been, but there seems to be a divide between the rich, born in upper class cities and the poor who must stay where they belong.

I think it’s ridiculous that some are put at such a finical disadvantage, because of the Eton-Educated idiots that run this country, that laugh when one tries to drag themselves out of their mess. I’m not saying the working class should become middle class, or that it’s shameful to be so. I’m saying it’s unfair how there is such a striking difference in opportunity and when a working class girl says she want to live in London it’s laughed at, because I will ‘never be able to afford.’

How are things going to change if we promote attitudes like this? Society becomes so comfortable within it’s own hierarchy that it becomes too lazy to challenge it. The privileged stay privileged and the poor remain poor. Yes, the rich can become richer, but the poor can only get poorer. Ideas like this create lack of aspiration within young people – isn’t the whole point of capitalism that it inspires people to succeed? This is impossible, when people’s aspirations are battered down because of financial dispositions, that the government itself creates.

I don’t need a privileged education or ‘business contacts’ to get where I want be in life. So stop telling kids what they can and can’t do because of their class. Don’t limit dreams because of finances, your imagination knows no currency, everyone should have equal opportunity and the right to pursue their aspirations.


Thank you so much for reading,



*when talking about poverty, I’m not referring to myself, but the extreme working class. I’m using my experience to discuss ideas such as poverty, which I see everyday.





41 thoughts on “Hey, Stop Crushing My Dreams

  1. I loved reading this! I live in Kent which is south east of London and I would love to move close into the city someday! You can get houses just outside London for amazing prices but we definitely can get amazing places in London, don’t let anything crush your dream of getting there-you will! We can accomplish anything without any connections as we can work as hard as we can and do it on our own. xx

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  2. This is great! Of course you can come and live in London- it’s not like you’re even saying something particularly outrageous- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And I loved this line: “your imagination knows no currency”- it’s brilliant!!

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  3. Not ALL millionaires/billionaires were born into families earning six figures a year or more. Yes, many were, but many (Lord Sugar being the prime example) are completely self made. The thing is: the people that live in these huge houses all had this drive for success, and that’s what got them to where they are.
    House prices in London are only going up at the moment, so you’ll have to work a little harder to make up for that, but I’m sure you’ll make it πŸ™‚
    Those people that ignore and disregard your aspirations are probably bitter and have never really tried, but tell you you can’t do it. They’re the worst kind of person

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    1. HOPEFULLY I have the skills to get the job I want, but I still think that people born into wealth have huge advantages over people with exactly the same intelligence and skill set. I’m not talking specifically about self made millionares, even though I have a few bones to pick with consumerism, I respect that they’ve earned that money. And I totally agree, they are the worst kind of people. Thanks for commenting!!!


  4. Yes, I’ve had the same response with my desires to live in London. I look at it as a test, no matter what you want to do there will be people who tell you not to. For me it’s about going inside and still hearing yourself and not them. I think people say these things to be kind. But it isn’t always useful.
    Sounds like you know what you’re doing with your life no matter what’s going on around you.
    Enjoy x

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    1. You’re completely right! I know that’s a rubbish response, but you’re so wise and I just totally agree. I’ll travel to London for myself and I’ll succeed for myself, it doesn’t matter what they think.

      Thank you x

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  5. Whenever someone tells you what you can’t do, look them right in the eyes and say, “Watch Me”. Then set off to stay on couse through life and show them. “Bite Me” feels really good too but isn’t as productive or positive.πŸ˜„ Also, many of the truest and happiest people in the world are those that have plenty of things that money can’t buy and no one can steal from them.

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  6. Don’t give up! I’m a future-London-life-dreamer too, so I feel ya! My sister’s somehow managed to do it – still on training-scheme pay but she ended up finding a really cheap place to live on “Spare Room” which was perfect! (Sure it’s not in the nicest of areas… we did once find a dead cat in her garden… but it’s London!)

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  7. I use to live in London but it depends on what part of London you live in. Of course there are richer sides of London and the cheaper side. Never give up on your dream! I live in Kent now. We didn’t move out of London because of the money, it’s because there was no house that we liked so my mum decided we should move out of London. Good luck on your dream! Xx

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