So then I was like, yolo

Hello friends, today’s topic is life and how freaking cool it all is. My friend’s half brother was born today and even though we all now just see him as a mindless baby, that is a human being, who is going to grow into someone with their own traits, opinions, emotions and relationships. He is yet to tell his own story and his entire life has only just begun. It makes me so privileged to know that I have the same opportunity, the same gift of life, my own story to tell. Maybe it is self centered to link this all back to myself, but sometimes I realize I’m so young. I’m still developing into the human being I’m going to live with for the entirety of my life. ISN’T IT COOL?

I am a strong believer of the philosophy of ‘yolo’ The idea of living in the moment and making the decisions that make you happiest, because you value your own life. But the term ‘yolo’ has so many negative connotations around it, after becoming an overused and misused Internet meme, that was then ironically mocked by the hipsters, it’s become shameful to use. As I think everyone knows, yolo stands for You Only Live Once, but I think abbreviating the term cheapens it’s meaning and makes it a smaller concept. Something easy to throw around without any thought.

But the original concept of ‘yolo’, despite being a little cringe worthy on the surface, is about accepting mortality, but continuing to appreciate the time you have. To do what makes you happy and consider the end goal. It promotes positive productivity and celebrates human individuality and freedom. So don’t mock people for living by the simple philosophy of yolo, congratulate them, for not losing their way between childhood and adulthood. They’re aware of the small fragment of time between birth and death and as the invisible clock ticks, with an unknown number of days left, they live the way they want to live and become the person that they want to be.

So re-evaluate yolo or ignore it if you like. Go to sleep early or late. Read a book or watch a film. Eat five desserts or have fruit instead. Travel or find beauty where you already are. Tick things of your bucket list or burn your bucket list, or neither. It doesn’t matter really, whatever makes you happy, after all you only live once.

Thank you so much for reading,



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