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prioritizing your passions

It’s been a while since I last wrote and that honestly infuriates me so much, because I know that I have the capability to make this blog GOOD, to connect more with a community, that right now, I don’t have time to talk to. I want to apologize to myself, because I know blogging is what I love and that I need to give myself more time to write and to you guys, because I honestly miss reading your posts and I’m going to try and catch up after writing this!

Anyway, I’ve been away, because of the level of schoolwork and general life stuff that’s engulfed all my free time completely and it’s made me think, why? Why do I spend more time doing homework in subjects I’m not even interested in perusing, rather than continuing to build up my skills in writing, something I’m interested in doing for my entire life?

I’m incredibly privileged to be able to go to school and I think I value learning more than most. I understand I need to pass my GCSEs in order to comply with the system. Yes, grades are important, yes you should be proud if you do well, BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO BE PROUD OF. My whole world is school and all my self worth seems to stem from my academic successes, but surely my writing, blogging and reading is just as important? I don’t feel comfortable sacrificing time allocated for schoolwork to further my skills in a field I’m interested in perusing,Β  because I won’t get an A* on my report card by doing it.

I just feel that I’ve got my priorities all messed up, putting school at the top of my list is for comfort and control, but maybe I need to step out the box slightly in order to achieve my aspirations. It’s always the idea thatΒ  ‘I don’t have enough time’ but the thing is, I can’t find or make time, the same quantity of it is always going to be there, it’s just how I utilize it.

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22 thoughts on “prioritizing your passions

    1. I completely understand, maybe you should try timetabling your work. So that you do school work for an hour, then allocate half hour rest, school work for another hour, have a rest etc. If you actually write down in allocated time slots when you’re going to do things, you might become a more efficient worker and thus have more time for leisure activities (yay) You really deserve to have some free time! 😊

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  1. I understand you. My life currently revolves around school and school only. I mean, I love going to school, learning new stuff, improving my social skills, etc. But I hate how school takes too much of my time to the point where I rarely have time to really be with my friends and family and enjoy. I am still struggling to balance out school life with everything else. Not to mention I also have so little time to do things that I love. /sigh/ Hoping things will be better soon :’)

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    1. Ah I completely understand, I feel the same. I enjoy learning, but I also enjoy blogging/reading/writing and I’m trying to find a balance. It’s a shame that so many people feel the same way, teachers focus on the kids who aren’t doing their homework, I think we also need to think about kids who are struggling to cope. Thank you for reading! x

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  2. I am also obsessed with grades especially my math because I’ve been doing extremely doing horrible and it’s not because I don’t try but it’s because my teacher spends most of the hour talking about himself and then try to teach a lesson in like 10 minutes . I’ve been obssessing over that one bad grade on my report so much so that I haven’t been going to school at all because he makes me feel like I’m not trying and that just adds more stress to my life than it already it . Sometimes I do wander if I’m wasting time trying to learn algebra and be perfect at it instead of doing things I enjoy like writing , blogging , and reading . I feel like I can connect to you because we are both interested in persuing and improving our skills in those areas . To be honest , Those are the only thing I care about . I’m trying not to let one bad grade mess up my whole life to the point where I keep skipping school because in the long run , it’s not going to help me . I’m taking a lot of classes that would help me with focussing on what I like to do next year like digital images , photo , web design , creative writing courses etc…
    I hope you take the time to do the things you enjoy too because yes , school is important but we also must Enjoy life sometimes . There’s nothing wrong with that .
    sorry for this long ass novel,
    best of luck
    ps. WELCOME BACK πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment, it’s good to know I’m not alone! If I get one bad grade it really makes me feel that everything is terrible too, but just remember that the negatives have no right to take anything from the positives. I have a French teacher who kind of does that, she’ll talk about random stuff for the entire lesson, make us fit work in at the last minute and then because WE were messing around she’ll set it for homework. Anyway, thank you, I’m trying to blog more frequently!

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  3. I focused on school first but managed to get books and short stories done while going to school. My grades were good they could have been better if I spent all my time on school but writing is what I loved to do so I found time for it.

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