By Alexandra Harrison

Summers of strawberries
And sweat glazed afternoons
Bodies pressed on sticky leather sofas
As the hours melt away
Like the ice in your drink

(don’t become too attached,
you don’t want to be trapped)

Birthdays smelling of
Tortilla chips and wax
That dribbles down the cake
Covered in chocolate frosting
And dying candles

(twenty five)

Frozen winters and soft gelato ice cream
That you couldn’t stop eating
Even after summer had passed
So cold
It burns your insides
And makes your puke look pink

(Although it’s not quite blood yet)

Do your remember those days?
Of tobacco, strawberries and wax
And books perhaps
If you remembered to pick up the book
About giants
That you never finished

(there’s no time now)

I’m sorry to haunt you like this
I know you need to  forget
You’re grasping onto those memories
Like your father’s hand on your neck
Sorry for reminding you
Maybe I should leave that one for your death

(That’s never a happy place either)

I am not His worshipper
But you must accept His friendship
And leave those sitting on a dirt covered blanket
On a warm summer’s afternoon
Dance into oblivion
As you become a memory too

I’m quite nervous about sharing this poem with you guys, because on the surface I feel like it doesn’t show that much emotion, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway. The poem is an about an old man who is reminiscing about his past before he dies. Specifically a younger past, a young and free lifestyle, something we never associate with death. The poem is narrated by for the point of explanation, a character I’ll call the ‘memory queen’ who controls his memories. She’s showing him all his memories, but as he becomes more distressed about what he’s losing, she tries to make him let go of his past and allow himself to die. She has this inner conflict to carry out her duty of showing him his memories, but she also wants to conceal them from him, so he doesn’t make the same mistake that she did ‘don’t become too attached,you don’t want to be trapped’ The reference to ‘Him’ is a reference to the character of Death, which to this metaphorical memory queen is a feared being and a dark overlord. The Memory Queen is so keen for the man to let go of his memories, because she never can and now she’s this sort of immortal goddess tortured by her past. It’s important to remember that the Queen is a metaphor of the inner consciousness, but I was just playing around with the fantasy element of creative writing.

Please feel free to comment your opinion on this poem below, it really helps me grow as a writer.

Thank you so much for reading,



47 thoughts on “Memories

    1. Thank you and I understand, you need to invest a lot of time in your Art when writing a book, however allocating an hour or two each day (or another realistic time frame) can increase your productivity. Remember to not put too much pressure on yourself, else you might become too stressed and give up. If you have not time right now, try writing a few poems or short stories, they take a lot less time but will still help you develop your skills. Hope I helped!


  1. That was really good! Honestly, I was a bit confused about the whole aspect of it so the explanation afterwards helped. It’s a really interesting play of ideas. Keep it up 🙂

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    1. Yes, I think poems like this always need a lot of explanation, or they can be left to interpretation, but I think talking about the context afterwards helps me develop my ideas and makes the reader understand the poem better x

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      1. Left to interpretation, readers might get a lot of different ideals than what you meant to portray. I always somehow go for simpler sentences mostly because of the worry of wrong interpretation.

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  2. I absolutely loved this poem! I felt the emotion and it gave me chills. Loved your usage of the parenthesis in your writing. I always feel nervous using it in my poetry or prose.

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      1. I just started writing from a very young age and have learned to be more free and accepting with the style of my writing. I still have a lot to learn and art is incomparable, it’s personal and yours is just as significant and special as anyone else’s. Respect what you’re doing, I’m sure your writing is beautiful x


      2. What a great philosophy to have. It is true, that art incomparable. That is a good tool to have if it is remembered. Thank you so much for teaching me that. I will remember.
        -Fellow writer and liberal political enthusiast. xx

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      3. Haha, I’m glad. You know there aren’t many out there my age, my friend. Us Liberal Political Enthusiasts Could do great things. Maybe one day a Liberal Political Enthusiast collab blog? You cover the U.K. I cover the U.S. Maybe. Just an idea. I’d have to think about it.

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      4. Yes! I need a blog email first, and then that would be REALLY fun, so we could both vent a little on Liberal Political Philosophies.

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  3. Great poem I was moved by it. I am interested in death. I used to be scared of dying now I just now when the time comes it comes and there is nothing to be scared about if you have lived a good life and left your mark on the world you’ll have no regrets.

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      1. Most people are afraid of death. It’s normal. I’ve been through a lot in life and I’ve learned to cherish every day of my life and just realized death is just a part of life. I love writing about death too.


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