Skin – a poem

source: pinterest/photographer unknown


By Alexandra Harrison

Weathered and worn
There’s something beautiful about it
Pulled red around the nose
And dark in the crevices

Soft little holes filled with dirt
And grease from your memories
Little red spots filled with
Buttercup Icing
Red and inflamed
As they explode
Like angry volcanoes

Tanned in the summer
Blushing like warm peaches
Fine hairs soften your features
As they line your neck
That runs into your breasts
With calm unity

This skin is tender
Something so mature
Reminds me of my infancy
Luxurious and fattening
Fading to a gentle pink
The colour of moist lips
Or cherry blossoms

Everything I love seems to be encompassed
In one person’s body
A map of their life
That I’ll  travel with honour
And an awe for your beauty


I think respecting and loving somebody’s being and form is such a beautiful thing. This poem hopefully celebrates imperfections ‘soft little holes filled with dirt’ because these so called imperfections are things that should be adored as part of the incredible human body. Your so called imperfections are part of you and I hope you can all find somebody who can appreciate them, even if that is yourself.  I also wanted to express appreciation for the female form, to appreciate breasts as beautiful parts of the human body, rather than over-sexualized lumps of meat for men to drool over.

This poem is different from what I normally write, but I enjoy experimenting with my style and the way I use words. I definitely feel like it is one of my more mature poems. I hope you’re not all getting sick of my writing, I’m going to be back with a fun chatty post on Monday (having a break from blogging for easter, although I’ll still be reading blogs)

I hope you enjoyed reading this little poem, I would appreciate it a lot if you shared your thoughts on my poem down below.


Thank you so much for reading,



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39 thoughts on “Skin – a poem

  1. Alex keep experimenting with your writing! Its all so wonderful. This poem really going deep and speaking in ways normal stories cannot. Your message you stated at the end was definitely conveyed in the poem. Great job, and keep writing
    xoxo brianna

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    1. Thank you so much, this means an incredible amount. Sometimes I definitely find it easier to communicate my message through poetry and I’m glad you enjoy reading them, I will definitely continue writing poems. Thank you for reading! xx 🙂

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  2. This was absolutely wonderful love ^.^ I’m glad you have such a passion for body positivity, it’s beautiful to see. The poem was well written, and stop worrying so much about people reading your blog! You’re a beautiful writer sunshine, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and there are many others that do as well. Perhaps when you start getting anxious about your blog, you should look through the comments on your posts.
    You have a real impact on your readers, and we all love what you have to say. I mean, look at how many comments are on this one post. I’m glad you came across my blog and I got the chance to read yours. Keep at it sunshine and have a lovely day!

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    1. What a wonderful comment to read, I can’t thank you enough for putting such a huge smile on my face this evening. I’m so glad you liked my poem, I really care about what I write and it means so much when people enjoy reading my work. Thank you so so so much, I am so grateful for your kindness xx

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      1. I’m glad I could help put light and happiness in your day. I had to comment when I read your concerns about people reading your blog. You’re just too good of a writer (and thinker in general. I like your topics) to be so worried about people being bored or hating your blog
        Have an absolutely wonderful evening love and take gentle care ^.^

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      2. Thank you so much. I honestly post what I want and the core of the this blog, as selfish as it sounds is me. Although sometimes I worry people will get sick of my heavy topics and poetry, I’ve got a stack of things ready to publish an discuss, but it’s the deliberation on whether it will interest the reader. Although, in general, I post it anyway, if I didn’t, this post would be here and we wouldn’t be having this conservation

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      3. hahahaha Yeah, I understand that, but it is YOUR blog. I post whatever the hell I want on mine, and it’s not exactly a light hearted blog, you know? Think about how many millions of people are out there that read blogs. You will always find someone interested in your post. Don’t lose track of your abilities amongst your concerns and insecurities

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  3. I loved this ❤ I know exactly how it feels experimenting with writing styles. I'm usually like I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm going to do it anyway lol.
    Anywho, this was beautiful :')


  4. I loved it. Your poetry I’ve only read a few of my poems but the level of writing skill in them remind me of my Advanced Poetry Class. I learned a lot about many poems and poets. Poetry is truly a fun thing to read and to analyze.

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      1. Thanks your welcome and you are a great poet who will get better and better through the years. I took a difficult class in Advanced Poetry I got a B in it but those poets were fun but some very difficult. The most stressful class I took but I would take it again every time you asked me my teacher Eve helped me and she got the best out of me. I am glad I can give you more confident. We are own harshest critics. You are a great writer. Keep writing and great things will come from it!

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