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Liberal Politics – American Politics Q&A with Ariana

Hello! Today I would like to introduce you all to my friend Ariana, if you didn’t know her already. We’ve both decided to begin a guest post series about liberal politics. We’re going to try and make it as interesting and as informative as possible – covering topics such as immigration, equality and plots to kill Donald Trump etc etc. Politics is actually very important and I think discussing matters that effect you and the people you care about is fantastic, because we can make a change. The politics world in America is crazy right now, so I though I’d ask Ariana some questions (as she is American herself). Her answers are superb and I loved reading them. She asked me questions about British politics over on her blog, which you can find here and give it a lil’ follow whilst you’re there, so you don’t miss the other posts I’ll be writing.


1. Who will you be voting for in the election and briefly explain why

To my utmost sadness, I still have to wait five years until I can be a registered voter. Therefore, to make up for all this sadness, I am have been supporting my heart out for Hillary Clinton in this coming election. Hopefully the support will do just as much. (this means volunteering etc.) Before Bernie Sanders got into the race last year I was a huge Hillary supporter, but then my excitement for her dwindled as it switched gears and moved to Bernie Sanders. (Alex, I think you would probably support Bernie Sanders) He is a socialist WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN A COMMUNIST, OK PEOPLE???!!! Breathe, Ariana. Breathe. ​

(Ariana is totally right, I’m supporting Bernie Sanders, but I’ve got a whole lot of points to make about how he would work as president, but that’s for another time)


Anyway, I thought about it for a long time, but after A Certain Person With A Toupee. (I’m so tired of saying the name Donald Trump I started getting creative) started getting ahead, I switched back to Hillary because who doesn’t like Hillary? (everybody). Actually because in my opinion we are currently not in need of a downsizing of Wall Street quite just yet, and Hillary is stronger against the Republicans in Senate and Congress.

2. Why are you passionate about liberal politics?

I mostly just believe in the basic human rights of the people, such as LGBT and black rights, and I believe that “that all men areΒ LGBTs, blacks, women, the lower class, Muslims, should be created equal” That’s part of our Declaration of Independence, except I added the part with the LGBTs, blacks, women, the lower class and Muslims.

3. Opinions on gun laws in America?

First of all, I’m OK with things like hunting, but I feel that hundreds of times too many people who were supposed to just be using the guns for hunting, or putting in display cases have killed the innocent, including children, and teachers who were trying to save them. It is a tricky topic, but perhaps maybe people should just go back to the crossbow!

4.What change would you like to see in the next president elected?

Oooh good one!
First of all, gun control.
Then, an ability to stand up to Mitch McConnell, and to let Merrick Garland be nominated into the Supreme Court!!!
Lower or free tuition in college! Everybody deserves an education
Strong on foreign policy.
Ending a couple unnecessary wars.

Actually doing a few things to stop climate change.

5. Do you think American society is an equal one?


NO WAY!!! American society is pretty unequal. Even after progress was made in the Civil Rights movement back in the 60s, things still aren’t equal. Luckily, last year the Supreme Court passed a law making marriage equality legal in every state. LGBTs could marry each other. I was overjoyed and happy for all those couples longing to get married. However, I don’t think America will ever be equal. White cops shoot black people all the time for doing nothing. We still have a lot of progress to make, and get as close as we can to equal.


6. Do you think Trump can win? (If he should is a different matter)

There is a possibility. If he were to win, I think everybody I know is going to flee the country. In fact some people I know have had nightmares about the terrors of a CPWAT (Certain Person With A Toupee) presidency. Some are afraid that equality will go wrong, others… I’m not getting into it. I myself have had many dreams about it. Every night I have a dream about the election. Usually in my dreams Hillary wins and I’m happy.
Anyway, even though so many people are attracted to him because of this weird, creepy charisma he has, all his discrimination against blacks, latinos, women and Muslims kind of narrows his numbers down to certain demographics. I think there are some smart Republicans out there who might decide to vote Democrat because of him. He certainly will win the nomination though. I just want to give you a piece of info: His presidency is on the list of the top 10 biggest threats to planet Earth. I’m not kidding.

I hope you found the Q&A an interesting read – it still amazes me that this blog has enabled me to do amazing things like this!

Thank you so much for reading,



58 thoughts on “Liberal Politics – American Politics Q&A with Ariana

    1. Yes, it just makes me so sad every day I hear of another one, it happens about once maybe even twice a month. People did it a lot before, but people didn’t have cameras to take footage of it. Even though the truth is awful, it is good to know as it drives us forward toward action. There have been many protests, and of course #blacklivesmatter except that’s a whole other thing. It all comes down to a certain amount of melanin, and little bit of fear.

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      1. That last line is amazing, I love it so much! I want to include it in my poetry – I’ve actually written a poem about a black girl moving to a mostly white city, maybe I’ll pop it in the explanation at the end. And people don’t like change, they want to destroy what they feel uncomfortable with and feel the most powerful. Racism is animalistic and evil.

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      2. Yes! Go ahead. Your a good writer and as you’ll probably be published once somebody finds out how talented you are I will be happy to have some of my wisdom in published work.

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  1. I am the last person who would know or have any interest in politics…but i really liked this post! This is a great idea and your questions are really good and Ariana’s answers are wonderful!

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  2. Nailed it! I thought you’d like Bernie. He is a pretty cool guy. You should watch some of his speeches. I’d love to see him as president, but like I said the CPWAT stakes are too high.

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    1. A world run by Bernie Sanders would be a great one and he is an awesome guy. My only criticism, is not of him, but how the other big people in power (all over the world) see him. I can imagine them being prejudice, because he’s so liberal for America and I can imagine him not having as much influence, because these days politics runs off fear.


      1. Yes. I read something about him compared to Jeremy Corbyn. Is it true that Jeremy Corbyn is bossed around a lot? The article made the point that Bernie would be bossed around really badly since Jeremy Corbyn is.

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      2. Jeremy Corbyn is a fantastic man with very liberal politics, but the media like to portray him as weak, probably because they fear his politics. People mock him and don’t take him seriously, even though he’s exactly what this country needs. Because of how different he is, he probably won’t be elected and I think this is similar for Sanders, who probably receives the same mockery (although I’m not 100% sure on that) and that’s my only criticism with them both, is the criticism they’ll receive from others.


      3. That’s just wrong. Every politician probably, (except for CPWAT) has a reason and a wisdom behind their politics. When I heard about Corbyn at first he sounded pretty awesome, and pretty liberal. Actually, Sanders does not get mocked, and isn’t portrayed as weak. The only problem people have with him is that he offers free everything and they don’t know where he is going to get it. He kind of has Robinhood politics if you know what I mean. Which I have no problem with. Just like you, his only weakness is that people don’t understand him, just as they don’t understand Jeremy Corbyn.

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      4. Liberal politics is sometimes viewed as this sort of weird thing that will never actually work. A stupid fantasy created by ‘dirty hippies’. But maybe that’s just because the conservative side is very good at concealing the truth and in Britain, the Tories (the conservatives) are the traditional party, people trust them, especially the middle classes, that tend to vote more than the lower classes (working class) who feel let down by politics and now don’t vote at all.


    1. political science – that’s very cool indeed πŸ™‚ it’s always interesting to read the other side of the argument and out of curiosity which country are you from. Me and Ariana are from different countries, which is one of the reasons we collaborated.

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      1. Political science is my first and foremost passion, and I hope to take it far. In fact when I’m depressed I turn to it. I love coming up with theories and strategy.

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  3. I think this was so interesting and insightful! A CPWAT’s presidency on the list of 10 threats to to earth… why am I not surprised? But I really like this idea for a post and think more people our age should get more information about politics as it is the one thing that’s running all our countries.

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    1. I totally agree. What’s sad is that there are a few people out there my age who have had people attempt to stop them in saying that they shouldn’t be involved in politics, relax and enjoy being young. Arguably, I believe we need the next generation to actually be involved in something important, it is vital to our future.

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    1. Yes I agree and young Americans should have a voice in politics, even if they can’t vote, because it’s going to effect them just as much and if they feel knowledgable enough to do so, they have every right to express that opinion. I think it’s amazing how the Internet has given me the power to talk to people across this world and set up this project with Ariana

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    2. Thank you πŸ™‚ It’s kind unfortunate though that CPWAT may be what comes out of this election. It’s scary. Probably one of the weirdest, most exciting, scary elections in decades, maybe out of election history in America.

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  4. I would rather rewire Donald Trump’s mind to make him a better person, really. Unfortunately there’s this algorithm out there that accurately predicted the next president (except for one time) and it predicted President Trump. I used to support Hillary, but switched to Bernie because frankly, Hillary’s kind of feminism doesn’t cater to me as a working-class WoC (women of color). By the way, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves reading up on political science! I also like to read books on feminist theory. THANK YOU!

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    1. I’m Bernie over Hillary, because he represents my more socialist views the best, although of Hillary became president I wouldn’t be overly upset. Thank you so much for reading and I need to read more books on feminism, although I’ve promised myself – read five books and then you can buy a new one haha

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  5. Not into politics at all, but loved this post! πŸ™‚ and obviously, the two people who worked on it πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for the insights!
    The 2nd answer totally cracked me up haha. But seriously, TRUE THAT.

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  6. ACK! I loved this ^.^ Guest posts are fantastic, and I’m a huge fan of talking politics. Good questions Alex, and Ariana, your answers were definitely intriguing. I can’t wait to see more of your guys’ collaborations!
    Take gentle care of yourselves sunshines, and I hope both of you have a beautiful day!

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