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March Reflections and April Goals (+ guest post opportunity)

Happy April (I’m only three days late)! I know everyone goes on about it, but I honestly can’t believe we’re here already. So how was March I here you ask? Well let’s break it down a little, read on my friends if you care enough and I’ll pay you in Internet hugs and love.

In terms of my New Year’s Resolutions (yes I’m still talking about them) we’ve got a mixed bag of failures and work in progresses. My visual scrapbook has been a success so far, but I’ve completely slacked on the weekly journals this month. Has anyone noticed? I didn’t mention it, because they’re very personal and even though I enjoy people reading them, that part of my blog is very much for me and I don’t feel I need to apologize if I don’t continue. The Ukulele dream is well and truly finished and I think I’ve hung up my apron for good when it comes to being crafty in the kitchen. However, I’m still blogging and I’m still writing stuff (and hopefully improving in the process) I’m also reading non fiction a little more, but honestly scraping up the time to read is becoming increasingly difficult.

My March Goals

I set simple goals for myself at the start of last month and this is how they went.

  1. Write more of my novella – Um… about that. Unfortunately Noodle Panda/The Great Noodle Expedition has been well and truly abandoned and it breaks my heart. Because of my age, I’m still growing rapidly as a writer, which means that I’m a completely different writer compared to when I came up with the original idea, which makes it difficult to continue writing the same story. I’m still very proud of the novella and I’ve learned a lot from the experience.
  2. Cook more and even try baking – No whoops. 
  3. Read more books and do a review – I read more books (still not enough) but I haven’t reviewed them, just because I feel like some people can do it better and I only review books that I honestly feel no one has talked about yet.
  4. Possibly do more guest posts/allow people to guest post on my blog – Actually achieved.  I started a whole new guest post series actually, with my wonderful friend Ariana. We’re doing a series about Liberal politics and I will be writing on her blog, whilst she will be adopting mine for a little while. The first posts were really successful, read mine here and read hers here.


Every month has it’s highs and lows. I have to admit, towards the end of term, school was getting pretty stressful and I’ve found I’m becoming physically drained from socializing still (as pathetic as it sounds). But the Easter holidays have been amazing, dusted with chocolate sprinkles, lie ins and plenty of time for poetry. I have also enjoyed seeing Spring in all it’s spring-ness – the fields are dotted with adorable little lambs and the grey streets are brightened with daffodils. Pretty cool.


April Goals

  1. More reading. EVERY SINGLE MONTH THIS HAS BEEN A GOAL. In all fairness, I honestly do struggle to find the time and I generally read challenging texts (even if I do say myself) but that’s no excuse to slack off so dramatically. Four books at least this month, else I’m going to…. I’m not sure, but it’s going to be crazy. I know right, stand back.
  2. Blog more. There’s always a recurring theme of doing more of what I love, blogging of course being one of them.
  3. Allow more people to guest post on my blog. This bit is in blue, because it’s THAT important. I love doing the guest post series with Ariana and would love even more guest posts on my blog. These guest posts will have no strings attached, just one post on our corresponding blogs and then I’ll leave you alone 🙂 Please comment below if you’re interested.  It would be helpful if we have some shared interests (e.g. creative writing/reading/feminism/general wacky creative-ness etc) but that’s about it (you’ll just need an email). If you’re interested comment below or use my Contact Me page (which no one’s ever used before, so that will be exciting).


I’m wishing you all a wonderful April!

Thank you so much for reading,



38 thoughts on “March Reflections and April Goals (+ guest post opportunity)

  1. i love how dedicated you are to your goals, you’ve really inspired me to take another look at my new years resolutions and see how i’m doing, especially as we’re 1/4 through the year already (damn!) – i don’t even remember what they all are :// good luck and have fun completing your april goals, the dedication you’ve put into your previous months goals will definitely show through here 😀 i’m up for doing a guest post if you’d like to, by the way! hopefully we can find common ground on something 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes I’m totally up for a guest post! And thank you so much, I really believe that setting small achievable goals regularly is a really healthy thing and failing them is okay too, just try your best and don’t be too angry at yourself! 🙂

      ps. What’s your email so I can contact you about the gust post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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