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My Female Role Models – A Celebration of Women

Sometimes on this blog, I feel that in my posts it seems that I think gender is a useless concept and I don’t want to be recognized as a woman but a human being. I don’t want to be defined by my gender.Β  And yes this is true in a sense, but it makes it seem as if I’m not proud to be a woman. But I am feminist because I believe in the equal rights of both genders and recognize how women have been mistreated in history and I’m passionate about changing this. As women, who have been constantly oppressed and judged, we are so incredibly strong and intelligent, in ways, even I feel I often under appreciate. Women have fought for their rights and many have died in the process. Others have been used as slaves and pieces of meat for men to play with. We are beautiful, yes, but we are not just the mother’s to your heirs and bodies to drool over. So today I would like to share with you some of my biggest female role models in modern society, in celebration of the woman.


Hannah Witton


Hannah mainly does Sex Ed and Relationship videos on Youtube. What she is doing on the Internet is so incredible. She has educated me so well about issues that schools are simply ignoring and has honestly made me into a better person. She describes herself as a ‘sex positive Hufflepuff’ and that’s essentially Hannah Witton in three words. She’s made me think about issues that I would otherwise ignored until I had to deal with them alone. I’m finding it really hard to put into words how great and influential she actually is so I’ll leave her links here πŸ™‚

WordPress (ayyyy)


Amanda Palmer



Amanda is primarily a music artist. I adore her music and I adore her lyrics, musicians like her inspire my poetry greatly. She is such a bold woman, such an empowering human being and a wonderful artist. Everything she does is Art. She is probably the definition of a female icon and even though she has this sort of almost alien appearance at times, that society may judge as terrifying,Β  she is actually a lovely human being and her fans actually fund her albums through donations, because they put that much trust in her Art form. Only last week, did I watch a stream of a live show across the world, she even took us backstage, talked to us and allowed us to watch rehearsals. Her heart is always first, but is luckily intertwined with a very beautiful mind.

Savannah Brown


My actual Queen. Savannah is an AMAZING poet and has influenced my poetry so much, especially how I structure it. She also talks about feminism online and pretty much introduced me to the concept. Once again, she is such an intelligent woman that talks about interesting topics that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. When I watch her videos, I feel like we’re having a little cosy sleepover together and we’re just talking about deep sh*t at 2am. It’s fabulous.

Buy her poetry book


Lucy Moon and Kailee McKenzie

Lucy Moon
Kailee McKenzie

These women do not know each other and are not related personally, however they’re both examples of the kind of woman I want to grow into in the next few years. I can relate to them both, because they’re only a few years older than me and Kailee particularly, I’ve watched grow up in the eyes of the media (not the same as knowing her personally, but I have seen her change in how she presents herself) They’re both independently living in major cites, studying at university aboutΒ  stuff they actually care about. Kailee does fashion videos, whilst Lucy does artsy videos, but they’re both passionate feminists that discuss really interesting topics, my brain is full of their marvelous ideas and is constantly aspiring to their busy city lifestyles filled with coffee shops and thrift stores. Kailee taught me how clothes can be such an empowering form of self expression and Art, whilst Lucy’s 138 hour series presents a realistic young woman who almost acts as a big sister I always dreamed of.

Kailee’s Youtube
Lucy’s Youtube


JK Rowling


I think this woman is almost every aspiring writer’s inspiration and I think that shows how amazing she actually is (but also the lack of female creative minds in mainstream media, thus why I lean towards YT and WP mainly) Harry Potter is a masterfully crafted series, that enchanted my imagination as a child and inspired me to keep writing. And honestly, it’s probably because JK Rowling has always been so present in the media, she’s always been a symbol for the female writing community, as a child I watched her popularity boom and dreamed of one day becoming such a big success as her.


Dodie Clark


My favourite thing about Dodie is how she seems so honest. I think when she started vlogging, she was very young and hid all the bad stuff from her audience, but now, I think even without realizing it, she talks about crap that girls want to talk about, that she’s feeling too. Her second channel, doddlevloggle, is like my Youtube cottage and it’s exactly what I want this blog to be like. It’s so cozy and friendly, full of all the good stuff, reflecting her as a person but also the community she is apart of. She’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging, so I’m going to have to thank her for that.


Main Channel
Second Channel


Hazel Hayes


Hazel Hayes is like my Youtube Mum who just basically gets me through the shit and makes me laugh in the process. She is an example of a young woman making an impact in the creative industry. One of my favourite things Hazel does is her Time of the Month series, where she basically compiles loads of clips of the month into a big long episode which is kind of like a huge daily vlog, but it’s like an actual film, so it’s much better. She lets her audience into a life I’m sure many would envy, but she talks about honest emotions, she is a real human being presented in the media, who actually shows emotions maybe we’re meant to hide and has taught me to be reflective and to encourage self improvement.


Louise Pentland


Whilst Hazel is like my straight talking Mum of youtube, Louise is like the motherly figure who will give you a cat and a smoothie and tell you everything’s okay. That’s all I need in life anyway. Out of all the people I have mentioned in this post (apart from JK) Louise is probably the most well known and I’mΒ  so happy that such an amazing woman is at the front of this vlogging boom. She’s been through a whole lot of crap, but is such an optimistic figure for girls to look up to. She’s also a single mother and I think she is breaking the ridiculous and offensive stereo type of a single mother, that many people still see.


And lastly, my real mother. Sometimes I honestly struggle to put into words how incredible she is and I am so enormously privileged to have her. She has literally always put me first, which I never expect anyone to do, but at the root of her being is kindness and love. My Mum is always there for me and a comfort when I feel alone. I know she is my only true companion and I hope one day to return what she has done for me.

So in summary, girls are great, don’t undermine us. Thanks!

Thank you so much for reading,



(this post was actually inspired by some great comments from you guys on my last poem, which you can read here)




I will not be posting on SimplyMyLife tonight, as I’m feeling really unwell. This post was drafted earlier in the week (thus why I’m able to post it) I’m honestly so sorry, I hope you all understand x



39 thoughts on “My Female Role Models – A Celebration of Women

  1. I really love that you dedicated a post towards such inspirational women and I honestly think it’s a GREAT idea to acknowledge and celebrate women as you did!

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  2. I think this post completely highlights the problem, because there were so many that I hadn’t heard of until now. I love Louise, she’s my YouTube mum as well haha πŸ˜› I need to check out some of the others!

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  3. Hello! Just found your blog and this post is amazing! From your list I can say JK Rowling is my hero. She’s been in my life since I was a little girl and taught me that a woman can be an inspiration for everyone πŸ™‚ I’ve recently started watching Hazel’s channel and as an aspiring filmmaker myself I found an amazing rolemodel. She’s amazing and her TOTM series is so real, I’ve been watching her since january and found out about her relationship ending and her being depressed and showing that side on the internet is so poweful for those who think that youtubers have an amazing life. As well as Louise and Dodie. Thanks a lot for doing this post, it reminded me of my female role models as well πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Yes, Hazel is such a fantastic and realistic role model and JK Rowling has inspired me since I was little too. I hope you find success in filmmaking and thank you for this wonderful comment, I enjoyed reading it very much!

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