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Everyday Gender Inequality in America – Liberal Politics with Ariana

Today, on this wonderful Tuesday, I really have a treat for you all. Ariana, as part of our Liberal Politics series, has written an incredible post about Gender Inequality in her country, America. It is honestly one of the most intelligent and well informed posts I’ve read on this site and we would both appreciate it if you gave it a read and joined in on the debate.

Check out my post about Gender Inequality on Ariana’s blog here.


Hey, it’s Ariana. This is the my part of the second installment of the series that Alex and I have put together, Liberal Politics Enthusiasts. I’m very honored to have my work on her respectable site. Today I will be talking about everyday gender inequality seen in America.

If you take a look at the United States Constitution it will say in there that all men are created equal. I’ve always wondered what they meant. Do they mean all men, as it male citizens, or do they mean mankind?

When I was in class the other day, we were translating our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln’s famous “Gettysburg Address.” In that he states that we are an equal country. I pointed that out to the class, that back then, LGBTs, women, and blacks didn’t have that. I live in a very liberal place, so everybody around me cracked up. But it wasn’t just true for then. It is true for now.

When the United States formed its constitution in the late 1700s, inequality was a heck of a lot worse. That was before women came together to win the right to vote in the 1920s. But yet still today they suffer much inequality in their daily lives. For women, we don’t have equal pay, even for doing the same exact jobs as men. Some believe if women do get equal pay, it will mess up the system. But we deserve everything a man does. Thanks to a certain concept and practice called feminism, things have changed a lot.

If a girl wanted to attend college in the mid 20th century, they couldn’t apply to an Ivy League college, (for those of you who don’t live in America, Ivy League colleges are colleges in the United States with very high quality education. Getting into an Ivy League college looks very good on your resume, ultimately steering you toward a highly professional career, and a lot of money.) Women had very little say in their careers. Nobody ever thought that a woman might actually think of running for president. They had little opportunities.

When my grandmother was a young woman she graduated from Stanford University. She was given a job in which her male counterparts were paid more than she, even though she was better at her job than some of them. Luckily, she was able to become successful later in life, and was given respectable jobs, such as secretary to the ambassador to Vietnam. There is a huge debate whether women can serve as a Ranger in the army, even though two of them tried out and were completely qualified.

Gender inequality is not too hard to find on an average day in America. This also happens in pop culture. Women are often objectified. From what is generally heard, the value seen in women is always in their looks. If they aren’t good looking, they will probably be disregarded, as people can’t see beyond the fact that they don’t look like a model.

In many ways, life on earth can be a lot easier for males.


Thank you so much for reading,

Alex & Ariana


20 thoughts on “Everyday Gender Inequality in America – Liberal Politics with Ariana

    1. That’s wonderful to here, I’ve always been interested in it. Talking about gender inequality is very important to me – feel free to check my post on Ariana’s blog if you like and thank you very much for reading ❤ ❤

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  1. Through and through correct, very well written! It sucks that it’s so bad, and I’ve definitely got to see it more extensively through transitioning. The difference between before and after transition is glaringly obvious.
    Anyway, have a beautiful day sunshines! ^.^

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  2. Hi there! It’s Shreya from Pastel Orchid. I really enjoyed this post…it was so well written and was about such an important subject. I feel like gender equality is something we have to work towards to move on from the gender barriers in society. Have you checked out the HeForShe website? It is about bringing men aboard on the fight for equal rights! If not, here is the link:
    Happy blogging! xx

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  3. so I have spent my evening reading all of your posts this year… you are an amazing writer whom post such cool and great topics of discussion so glad I have taken the time to read everything I look forward to more xxx

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