loud and lonely nights (a poem)

‘unknown pleasures to infinity’ collage by Mariano Peccinetti aka Trasvorder
(I love this picture a lot oh my)

loud and lonely nights
by Alexandra Harrison

The air tastes different now,
It seems so full with,
Dark and uncontrollable possibilities.
And it runs through my lungs
It beats in my heart
And I feel as if I am choking.

I’m not sure we should have come here,
I’m feeling kind of lost
Can’t you see the ocean dear?
Glittering black and blue

Like bruises
It seems so sad and frightening,
We should never go near it.

And she’s off to the water,
The sky gallops behind
In its infinite darkness
And star scattered lines,
That fall through the branches,
Dark shapes moving with light.

She’s reaching the ocean,
Soft, wet ripples move like silk.
Dark coloured dresses
And eyes that could kill,
They close as she hits,
The icy ocean top
The water envelopes her.
She’s calm
And I’m not

And I run to the water,
Oh I wish she could have stayed
But I knew she was lonely
And she wanted to be afraid.


In summary this poem is a metaphor using oceans and the night and the feeling associated with that environment, to reflect the gentle break down of a romantic relationship between two very different people (these differences are illustrated through their reactions to this hypothetical environment). Not that people who are different can’t be together, this is just where my imagination took me this evening. Anyway, it’s artsy and hipster as heck, so feel free to analyze it deeper and talk to me about it below, because there’s lots of different ways you can look at it.

(I was in the mood for creating really nice descriptions though, so I hope they turned out okay)

I’m on a little streak with blogging at the moment, which makes me really happy, so thank you to everyone who’s reading my posts at the moment. You’re amazing and I hope you’re not getting too bored of me yet.

Please feel free to feedback on this poem below!

Thank you so much for reading,



38 thoughts on “loud and lonely nights (a poem)

  1. I was tentative about the meaning until the last stanza wjere everything seems to make sense. Also, the first two stanzas seem forst person POV while the next two seem third person POV which was a bit disconcerting.
    I love the imagery you used and how the metaphor works!

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    1. Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read, I always panic people aren’t going to come back, but serisously thank you so much for thinking about my work, it means so much. Yes, the poem is told in first person but in stanzas three and four we definately seem to move with the woman, which refelcts how she is unknowingly moving away and he is left behind (if you know what I mean) And thank you so so much! I value your praise very much!

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  2. Oh god, I honestly love your poems so much! They not only sound just absoloutely lovely, but the meaning is so in depth, I would not hesitate to spend just days reading your poems. You have such a beautiful style of writing! And that photo is so nice! Aha, this post is PERFECT!

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    1. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow how can anybody be so lovely about this little poem? I honestly don’t think it’s that good and I find your kindness just so over wheming, it means so much thank you!

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  3. Oh my goodness, I love this so much! Everything is described so beautifully and feels almost tangible to me. I feel, see, taste everything that’s described in here and just….wow!! And I’m NEVER gonna get sick of your posts!

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    1. I feel like I can’t describe how much this actually means to me, I almost don’t feel worthy, because I can see so many faults in this poem now. But I’m glad you liked it, I wanted the descriptions to be nice, I personally feel that I’ve failed looking back, but nevertheless this means a whole lot Ruth, thank you again!

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      1. NEVER EVER think that you have failed! You are an incredible writer and I’m sure so many people look up to you for that, including me. Poetry is an art and there is no right or wrong when it comes to art. There is amazingly beautiful and there’s “not really my taste”, and your poems belong to the first category for me. I wish you could see your art through my eyes and thus acknowledge just how amazing it is. You and your poems are too awesome for words and that’s not open for discussion! (And no, I’m not saying this to be nice, I’m just telling you the truth) xx

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  4. I really like the last stanza because it made the whole poem easier to understand. I think this is really well written and beautifully captured.
    please don’t give up on your poems , they’re the best and you should know that 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I’ll ever give up on them and hopefully with time I’ll get better. I can already see improvements in my poetry compared to when I first started publishing my work on WordPress. Thank you so much, I like my poems to sometimes go a little mad and crazy so you don’t know what’s going on, but i also like to ensure everything ties in nicely. Thank you for taking the time to read, it means so much ❤️❤️

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  5. I would like to say something about this poem; however, I’ve always thought that great poems are not meant to be a analyzed or explained. They are meant to be felt and understood at a deeper level. I found yours absolutely lovely. No more words are needed. Keep up with what you’re doing!

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