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Immigration and Unity – Liberal Politics with Ariana

Good evening everyone! Today I have the third installment of myself and Ariana’s Liberal Politics series. Ariana has written an amazing post about immigration, which I’m really excited to share with you all  – honestly I love the way its been written and I think she makes some fantastic points. Please read on and give her some support in the comments below. My post will be up on her blog shortly and you can follow her wonderful blog here to see that.

Hello! It’s time for the third entry in the series that Alex and I are working on, as we are both very much into liberal politics, and today you’ll be reading about immigration. We had both been thinking of it, so we decided that this would be the best theme for this week. Today I will be talking to you about immigration, and the reason why I think building a wall around my country to block out Mexicans is not the best idea in the history of Earth. Read on!

It’s June 16th 2015, and everybody’s excited for the presidential race. Hillary Clinton announced the launch of her campaign in April and everybody is speculating that her main challenger will be Jeb Bush, the brother and son of two different presidents named George Bush. It’s a little complicated. Anyway, everybody is currently thinking that whoever wins, the executive branch will be quite dynastic.

Meanwhile, immigrant families all over a struggling. Some people are crossing the Mexican border illegally. They know that it will be hard, and deportation is a potential threat, but of course we are under the Obama administration.

I am in the car with my mom. We are just pulling into the driveway, but we hesitate before turning off the car because something interesting is playing on the radio. Basically a billionaire celebrity guy is running for president, clearly to boost his ego which is sure to receive quite the blow, as what he’s saying is completely absurd. In other words, he will never make it far in the race at all. He’s talking about how Mexicans are rapists, killers, criminals and drug dealers. “I’m going to build a wall” he says. And he’s going to make Mexico pay for it. We laugh. My mom says he’s a joke. And I agree. And then we go inside, and we pay no mind to the matter. Several Republicans are running for president, and everybody’s sure that Jeb Bush, (who spoke Spanish in the launching of his campaign) has the nomination locked.

And then, we’re wrong.

In the months after that day, Donald Trump’s poll numbers go up, and he has a commanding lead in the polls. Jeb Bush? He’s way down, and Hillary Clinton’s challenger is most likely to be what was once a mere “joke”.

Already, the numbers are telling us that more Mexicans and other Latin Americans are leaving the United States than those coming in.

Nobody knows whether or not it is Trump’s fault.

So why are Trump’s poll numbers up? It’s because of his pitch. What’s his pitch? That he is going to “take America back.” No more people with weird accents. No more people without a full filing cabinet of paperwork. No. Not for America. America is only for white Americans. And believe it or not, some white Americans actually like it. They don’t want their jobs taken by the outsiders.

But I disagree. Here’s why.

First of all, I believe that if the white American working class were to have America to themselves, they would have to be working in those fields of tomatoes in the hot sun, breathing in toxic chemicals. They wouldn’t like it. It isn’t like I feel that that is what should be happening to the Latinos. But I do believe that their vote is their vote, and if Trump supporters want to be doing manual labor instead of an office job, they voted for it.

Trump’s motto is “Make America Great Again.” Without unity, America would not be standing today. Think of the Civil War. It was all about unity, and wholeness.

There would be no America, if the Union army had not won the Civil War. That is why   I feel patriotic with immigrants. They may need paperwork, but we can deal with that. Making America Hate Again will only drive us apart. Hate and conflict is not the answer.

This is why I believe that although immigration has its cons, unity outshines all.

OK! Thanks!



(also this is my 100th post!!!! I’m really proud of this post being my 100th, because it represents the amazing community I’m apart of and the changes we can make as young people. I hope there are hundreds more posts to come and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the ones I have made so far. I appreciate your support so much, thank you)



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