Alexandra Harrison

Two cans stand opened by the side of our hob
The remnants of the soup stick thick around the edges
And bury in the grooves of the wobbling aluminum
Whilst the majority of the previous contents
Bubbles away in the pan, swelling into bubbles
With paler orange films
That then collapse into the bubbling mass below

Now it is hot, red and shiningΒ  in the artificial lighting
Of our old kitchen
The lampshade is made of thin, silver wires
That wrap around a yellowing light bulb,
That makes the surroundings look sickly
But the kitchen is a warm and friendly place still
And the steam from the soup condenses on our faces like sweat

The soup is clumsily served in small bowls
A hot and angry liquid
That thunders down our throats
Before devouring the stomach’s hunger pains

We talk for a very long time
The remnants of the soup now sit cold
In our small ceramic bowls
The soup feels useless
And it sits in ugly, red smears

These memories are not peeling away
Or slowly crumbling around the edges of my brain
No, they are crashing through my mind
These stupid, sad evenings of soup and mindless chatter
And now I realize that I miss you dear
And that with all these friends, I feel very much alone


I’m not feeling very creative or motivated tonight, but I’ve worked hard to try and write something anyway. I hope you it, I would appreciate feedback below πŸ™‚ xx

Thank you so much for reading,





33 thoughts on “Soup

  1. Your like button isn’t coming up, but anyway, this was a very soothing post. It feels like a poem but it’s also a story. Nice and creative. πŸ™‚

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    1. I was thinking that too, it does feel like a story, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wrote this one for the pure joy of writing. And oh man that’s annoying, I’ll make a mental note that you liked it πŸ™‚

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  2. OKAY, I know you are probably sick and tired of having me come around EVERY SINGLE TIME but really, this is my third poem read by you and it’s the third piece of perfection I have read. You’re writing is just SO GREAT ❀

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  3. How interesting! You have such a unique style of writing- it is so blunt that it is almost not poetic, but the unnatural style makes it wonderfully so. (Did that make any sense?) The very first line reminded me of the Robert Frost poem. πŸ˜‰ Such a neat topic, too!

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    1. Thank you so much, this comment means an awful lot to me. I do have quite a blunt style at times, but hopefully I do it in a skilful way, although I often get marked down for it in class. I’m really glad you enjoyed reading xx

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  4. This poem is so…raw? Can I call it raw? In a good way, of course. Especially the last stanza, it made me FEELthe utter desperation and loneliness. And thus, you’ve done it again! Despite being demotivated, you wrote this beautiful piece. WOWOWOW, LOVE ITT

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  5. I liked this poem. Soup has always been related to something we have when we are sick or depressed. A warm cup of soup improves our health and can calm us to gain reflection. Though missing a loved one or friends Soup is something there for us always. It’s small hot and not often remembered for what it can do. Soup is good medicine for the mind and soul and soup is very healing.Soup no matter what setting you have it will do the trick! Great job Alex!

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      1. Well your poetry is deep and interesting. You have a good vocab and good imagination. You are a great writer. You know how to use words to paint the story you want to tell. You are very talented and people find your writing exciting. I am having a good vacation just watched a movie, played some videogames now out for a yummy burger when I’ll get back I’ll read more of your work!

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      2. Your welcome. I am still writing from time to time on my vacation but just when I feel up to it. Thanks yea vacation has been so much fun and I’ve enjoyed reading your work!

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