seasonal love (a poem)

Photography by Nirav Patel

Seasonal Love
By Alexandra Harrison

Skies etched with white
And lids lined with blue.
Lips frosted with purple
And skin tingling in the frost
And the  ice of the wind,
As I clutch  your fingers blushing pink at the tips.

Spring comes rushing and crawling with moss,
Light in leaves and paint cracked with heat.
Fresh green fluttering like butterflies in the trees,
The movement of the leaves
Cast shadows over your softening cheeks,
Which I kiss again and again with healing lips.

Your mouth tastes of salt and gum,
And your skin seems clogged with the sea
And the sky in the summer.
Grass stains on white blouses,
That expose warm tanned skin,
Peachy and waxy like orange skins,
And the architecture of your bones
That I trace with my fingers.

Old flowers dry and melt further into the ground
Padded down with rain and the sounds of crushing leaves.
The evenings become cooler,
And the low autumn light is blinding
As it dances on the grayish water.
Golden and glorious it asks me the question,
‘Do you miss her?’
I don’t reply, as I think it knows,
It has been watching all this time.



I’m starting to get a lot more adventurous and sensory with my descriptions. Maybe sometimes people don’t really know what I mean, but each description has thought and meaning behind it and what can I say, it sounds pretty. OKAY NOW I FEEL ARROGANT I HAVE SO FAR TO GO WITH MY POETRY. I AM  A NOVICE, SOME PEOPLE ARE SO SO SO GOOD I’M JUST TRYING THINGS OUT. Anyway, this poem is about a romantic relationship over a one year period and each stanza is about a season. It begins in winter and ends in autumn, which is when the couple breaks up. Each line has some sort of significance to it and the seasons reflect the relationship at that time:

Winter – represents fragility and the need for each other’s comfort.
Spring – represents the energy of a new relationship and hopefulness and healing for them both, as the world comes alive once more.
Summer – represents a comfort and almost obsession within each other, they can not wait to be together. Those long summer days are spent entangled within each-other’s minds and bodies.
Autumn – represents how the life and love seen in spring and summer is dying and everything is retreating once more into the coldness of winter, but autumn is also close to another year and this represents hopefulness.

I chose to talk about the sun at the end, because it’s always there in every season, even when hidden behind clouds, it never leaves. It reflects a constant when these people’s relationships and lives are as changeable as the seasons. The sun has traveled with this couple and has brought them the seasons and is thus in control of their destiny.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this.

Thank you so much for reading,


36 thoughts on “seasonal love (a poem)

  1. Oh, my dear, this is incredible!!! You should be very proud, it is very lovely, and you’ve really nailed the feeling of each season. Love it!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I love the concept so much, you have no idea! And I could really relate to this poem too, since I’ve been in a situation like this. I love the descriptions so much; you are amazing. Okay, stop rambling. This is amazing. Just wonderful. Xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s a few tweaks I need to make to this, but I do honestly feel like I’m improving. But I have to thank people like you, for constantly supporting me through this journey, it means so much x

      Liked by 2 people

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