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May Favourites

Hello! It’s been a really long time since I last did a monthly favourites and considering I just can’t contain my excitement about these amazing things, I thought I would share with all of you wonderful people what I have been loving this month. Wow, that’s a lot of positive adjectives, sickeningly happy.



Literally typing the letters ‘s k i n s’ makes me emotional. I don’t normally enjoy watching TV shows and even though I’ve attempted so many times to binge watch the vampire diaries or whatever, it’s just never really stuck with me, but THIS, this is good. This is a show that will literally change your whole perspective and I’m just so passionate about everything the show tries to deal with. It’s absolutely hilarious, but also hauntingly tragic and at the end of each episode I was either crying with laughter or sadness. The character development is the best I’ve seen in any show/book and the script is intelligently written and full of the kind of quotes you want plastered all over your walls.


one of my fav people holding my other fav person’s book

Haley is a youtuber that optimizes why I love about youtube. I find her creativity and outlook really inspiring and her youtube channel is what I would like this blog to be like. Her humour reminds me of Grace Helbig’s (who is a longtime fav) and her voice is honestly so stunning – her David Bowie mash up is AMAZING. I JUST REALLY LIKE HER.

her channel –


This is one of my favourite books ever. First of all, it’s written so beautifully and has honestly impacted me as a writer and my technique. Atwood’s descriptions are literally so good I had to underline them in my book, because I never wanted to forget how good they were. I know that sounds a little obsessed, but wait hang on, I’ll read some to you…

‘soft resistant warmth which is so much like flesh’

‘flexible and pink, like lips’

‘they wear lipstick, red, outlining the damp cavities of their mouths, like scrawls on a washroom wall, of the time before’

I just love the way she talks about anatomy and her words are so beautiful and on top of that, Atwood just writes the genre I love to read. I’m not sure what that is, but it’s just books that are so raw and they don’t need any supernatural element they’re just so harrowing and dark, but also this book is so beautiful and it has such a powerful and important message and once again Atwood’s done that thing where’s there’s just so many layers to this fictional reality and it just blows me away each time.

I wouldn’t recommend everyone to read this book, it’s just not for everyone, but if you feel like it could be for you, based on my very excitable review, please give it a read.



Pulp are my favourite band, although I’ve never given the album ‘we love life’ that much attention until now. Once again, it’s just an amazingly composed and written chunk of musical genius. My favourite song is ‘Birds in your Garden’ which has shifted itself into my favourite pulp songs ever. It’s so amazing, it makes me feel all wobbly inside.


And that’s my favourites all wrapped up! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m wishing you a wonderful June!

Thank you so much for reading,




27 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. Skins is on my list of things to watch! I’m currently half way through gossip girl and dance moms so I’m planning on starting skins soon haha! Great post Alex! xx

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  2. I binged watched Skins about Feb/March time!! I absolutely love it! I remember my sister (3 years old) watching it way back when it was on televison. I watched a few episodes…cheeky! I was only about 13, as my sister wasn’t 18 at the time either and it stuck with me! Having watched all episodes this year, it’s become one of my fav TV shows :D<3

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      1. It took me a couple of eps to get used to it but as per all the characters and story lines are great! Effy is Tonys sister so I like how they link πŸ™‚ definitely watch it, no doubt that you will enjoy it !!

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  3. Love this favourites post! I’m a bit late BUT it’s so interesting to see what you loved! I need to check everything out πŸ™‚ the Handmaid’s tale is on my TBR for this month, I can’t wait to read it – I’ve heard such great things!


  4. Okay can I just say you’re the only person I’ve ever met/read that loves pulp. Pulp is life. I’ve never ever listened to We Love Life. I usually stick to Different Class, because, like most people I love Common People but also Babies & Razzmatazz – the older songs are my total favourite!

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    1. PULP IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE BAND! to be honest I love all their songs, different class was the first album I listened to and I love it, but I would defo recommend checking out This is Hardcore and We love life too xxx

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