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May Reflections and June 2016

It seems that May was split into four parts. Firstly, there’s been a huge chunk of coursework and mock exams to get through, which despite being stressful, I’ve dealt with pretty well. The second part is this feeling of inadequacy and insignificance  in my friendship group, which has become this shape shifting monster of brighter and louder voices. Weaved amongst these two things is complete laziness amongst the chaos (hence the lack of blogging) and also the nice parts, seeing Hairspray live, my brother’s birthday, National Trust visits, Manchester Art Gallery and woodland covered with bluebells.

My poetical endeavors have been few and far between, but the things I have produced are probably my favourites so far. I have also written a short story that I’m really proud of and my post the natural woman got so much more attention on WordPress than I ever imagined. I do apologize for not being around as much in May, but I am hoping to change that.


Share some of my short stories: I did it! I made the effort to get back into short story writing and I shared with you something called Rays and Jellyfish. If you haven’t read it yet, please do and tell me what you think.

Celebrate 400 followers: To be honest, I didn’t really know what to do, but I hope you guys enjoy the content I produce anyway. My blog hasn’t grown very much this past month, becuase I’ve only made like 5 posts, but hopefully June will be more productive.


Seasonal Love
Rays & Jellyfish


The hardest bit about June will be not going Glastonbury this year. Honestly, my little white privileged heart tries not to think about not going, because it’s such an amazing place and all I want to do right now is escape to its utopia of creativity. But hopefully June will follow in May’s footsteps with its sunshine and there will be plenty of other things to be happy about. Who knows where I’ll be in a months time?


Thank you so much for reading,





29 thoughts on “May Reflections and June 2016

  1. YES to a productive month! you sound like you had a good may (and i hate that feeling within friend group, especially when all your friends are really similar and you’re a polar opposite…this is going to sound so weird but one of the groups i chill with at college is full of blonde girls and i actually feel so odd hanging out with them) and i look forward to more posts come june!

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    1. I know it’s so horrible. I used to be really extroverted and it’s just put me inside my shell. I do love my friends, there probably the most interesting people you could know at my age but I just feel so inadequate and left out. It’s just a teen thing I guess and hopefully things will change! And I’m looking toward to writing more posts!

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  2. Wow, you sure had a busy month! Loved rays and jellyfish and I’m sure I’ll love anything else you write: Followed!

    PS: I saw you were nominated for the 3 day quote challenge – can’t wait to see what your übercreative mind does with that!

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  3. Love the post Alex, I love how genuine you are here and thank you for your amazing comment on my blog post where I opened up about how I was feeling 🙂 I actually posted that post because I was feeling super inspired by your blog and it meant so much to me when you commented, it really brightened my day ❤
    Hope that June is treating you better :p

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    1. I’m really glad I made you feel better. I really admire you and your blog, it’s so well put together. I’ve had a little break from the blogging world, but I’m back and I’m always here for you if you need to talk! xxx

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