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hello again

Hello everyone! I have missed you all so much. I went away for a little while, because I had lots of exams that were mentally and physically exhausting and I was unable to find the time to blog, so I really apologize for not producing content or reading yours. I’m trying to fix both of those things.  I am actually really happy about how my exams went, because I had NO panic attacks and I actually did quite well in some subjects! I GOT AN A IN PHYSICS! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!?! Even though I can’t wait for school to end I am so proud about how I’ve managed my anxiety this year.

I have one week of school left and then one week of work experience, which I am really excited about and then I’M GOING TO RHODES! I know it’s just going to be a wonderful adventure. Me and my Mum are staying in a little family run hotel, which despite being basic is SO PRETTY and the staff are meant to be lovely. We’re planning to go on lots of trips and I’m so excited to explore and gather inspiration for some new projects.

In the next two weeks before Rhodes I’m planning to write a lot on this blog. I will then break when I go to Rhodes and then during summer I am all yours. You lucky things. I’ve already got two poems to share with you, one of which I might post today so keep your eyes peeled for that. Eyes peeled? Is that the phrase? Now I’m thinking of peeled eyes NO NO NO.

It’s really lovely to be writing again. I’m nervous to return, but hopefully you guys will still want to read my posts. I hope you are all well.

Thank you so much for reading,


32 thoughts on “hello again

  1. Glad you did well on your Exams Alex! Glad you are getting a much needed vacation. I wrote 4 books in June including many short stories that month. July I decided I needed a break from writing stories and books. I’ll still blog about things but I am going to try to rest, recharge and enjoy the summer watching movies and doing fun things. I have a youtube channel where I post about my stories and books. this is a link to video about my 1000th story ttys

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  2. WOOOP congrats on all ze amazing marks and managing with your anxiety!! hope ya have fun in Rhodes! and peeled eyes sound like something out of a horror movie. and don’t be nervous who tf wouldn’t want to read your posts even if you’ve been busy

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  3. Congratulations on your exams! It must’ve been hard to juggle school work and anxiety but you did well so you should be proud! Can’t wait to read your future posts as I love how inspirational they are x

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  4. So glad with how everything went in your exams! I’m so happy that it all went well for you! I really hope you enjoy your time in Rhodes, it sounds like it will be amazing and you definitely deserve it after all those exams 🙂 It’s so great to have you back! ❤

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