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The Democratic Party – Liberal Politics with Ariana

Hello! I should have uploaded this AGES ago, so I’m really sorry Ariana for it being very late. If you do not know what’s going on, welcome to me and the wonderful Ariana’s political collab series where we talk about politics as two young people to other young people in an accessible way. In the fourth installment we talk about our political parties, which I find to be a really interesting insight into someone’s values and beliefs and to be honest I really just love EVERYTHING Ariana writes and I hope you do too.

I mean this post is really good.

Read my post on Ariana’s blog here.

Also thank you so much to Allison for creating  this lovely header! Also, I’m unsure whether to post another poem tonight, tell me what you think below.


I belong in the Democratic party. For awhile, I was really into politics, but couldn’t figure out whether I was liberal or conservative, but looking back on it now I think that question to be extremely ridiculous. Of course I was liberal. There was no question. I disagree with most conservative ideologies.

Here are the different parties in the United States, (at least the ones I know about)


Where conservatives are often socially liberal and they oppose a lot of government control and do not like the NSA. This is a very confusing party.

This election’s frontrunner: Gary Johnson


This is a very, very, liberal party.

This election’s frontrunner: Jill Stein


This is one of the two major parties and is conservative.

This election’s frontrunner. Donald Trump


The other major party, except liberal.

This election’s frontrunner: Hillary Clinton

American Independent

This is where people register in because they THINK that they will end up getting to vote for whoever, and just have no preference but they are WRONG this is a very racist party. It is also conservative.

This elections frontrunner: I have no idea.

For those of you who do not live in the United States, (that includes you, Alex) you might or might not have heard about the Civil War, in which Abraham Lincoln basically helped abolish slavery as president.

He was a Republican. The Republican party changed a little over the years so that in the end, it kind of switched. But nowadays basically nobody in the United States supports slavery, so that is good, we’re all happy. Most of us at least.

I am not officially registered to be in the Democratic Party because I am not old enough. Both my mom and my dad are Democrats, and both of them like to talk about politics, and my dad is a political activist, so I am very influenced.

One of the reasons that when I’m older I won’t put myself in the Green party is that it is not a major player in politics. Which is very unfair. So far, only Democrats and Republicans have been elected president, and all the other parties are marked as “third parties”. I will register as a Democrat in five years because otherwise whoever I voted for would not become president.

I know. It is sad. It is probably so that people can have a clearer choice, but the multiple-party system works in Britain, as far as I know.

My party is a liberal party. I know a lot of people in the Green party because of the area I live in, and they all have things against high profiles in the Democratic Party, stating they are too conservative. This drives me nuts, but it is a little bit true.

Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, and was in multiple liberal parties before. His politics aren’t completely in line with the Democratic party, because he is more liberal. Bernie Sanders is running in the Democratic party only so that he has a chance of winning.


6 thoughts on “The Democratic Party – Liberal Politics with Ariana

  1. I REALLY like Bernie Sanders. I guess, it makes sense that the two parties have chances of becoming President, but over here we had four last year that could have potentially become the leaders of our country. Still, there are flaws in every system 🙂 Amazing post, Ariana!

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  2. What a great read, I love politics too ( although more so Scottish and uk politics because I’m Scottish ).

    I would, by far, be a liberal if i lived in the USA. I really worry though that the republicans could win, it’s a frightening thought but I hope and think America will think otherwise!


  3. Politics in the US sounds really complicated! I don’t really understand politics in general but it was really nice to read something about politics outside of the U.K. (Since the referendum is what all people talk about now).

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