lingerie (a poem)


l i n g e r i e
by Alexandra Harrison

The lights of the disco
Cast colourful, blotchy shadows
Over sticky moving silk.

Arms like fleshy trees
Waving in a blurry sea
Of sweat, tobacco
And spluttering smoke machines.

Outside the air is cooler,
And clings to shining skin
That glows yellow under the street lights.

Home again, to a cold, thin walled house,
And a young man in an old band t-shirt
(that seems older than him)
He clings to a long list of university degrees,
Heavy metal, punk and gin.

“I’m going to bed,” she says
And sleeps under a thin musty sheet,
That reminds her of her childhood and a small blue bedroom,
That overlooked a pretty garden.

She’s wrapped up in fine, lace lingerie
(with tiny little beads)
Fine embroidery and silk covered petals,
Crisp and smelling of nothing yet.

She goes to bed each night,
And he often joins her later on,
And when he does the room seems warmer.
She closes her eyes and thinks of adventures,
And of brighter days and of happier things.

Those happier things come,
And lace lingerie turns to cotton maternity gowns.
The punk’s blue hair recedes to a pale mousy brown
And he falls back in love with paint and thinking.
The lace lingerie and silk,
Become hidden in the fog of the smoke machines
And stay on the skin of the girl at the disco,
She’s never forgotten,
No, she’s still dancing, dancing, dancing…



This poem is probably one of the most personal things I’ve ever written. A month or so ago I looked through my mum’s old clothes from when she was a young adult and all of her old lingerie. It was a very surreal and special experience to see these clothes, as they seemed to encapsulate a younger woman I never met, but at the same time know so well.Β  You never associate sexiness or youth fullness withΒ  your mother, so this was a really interesting experience that I was keen to write about.

It is also a credit to my mother’s optimism, hope and strength even when she was going through the most difficult times. My mother is honestly the most remarkable person I have ever met.Β  I wanted this poem to be delicate, but also very raw and real. I wanted to treat it with a sensitivity, a cautiousness, but with honesty. I’m a little nervous about sharing this one, something tells me it isn’t very well written,but I hope you all like it. Also I’m really sorry for posting so much recently.

Please comment below your thoughts below, I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you so much for reading,



43 thoughts on “lingerie (a poem)

  1. this was AMAZING. i actually guessed it was about someone you knew growing older while reading it because it had an almost affectionate note to it. I especially loved the bracketed additions; i have no idea why (i know nothing about poetry) but it really finished it off for me. xx

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    1. Yes it was very personal to me and I cried whilst writing it, because my mum is such an incredible person. And I really love using brackets, I think it makes it more personal. Thank you so much for taking the time to read xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great poem Alex!!! Your poetry writing is exquisite and wonderful and oh my god do I just want to print out all of your poems and stick them on my bedroom walls. love it. xx

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ah thank you so much and yeah I’ve never written poems about my parents before and this is a little of a strange one to start of with, but I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It’s really nice for one of my poems to be described as sweet, it’s quite refreshing to write something a little happier. Thank you for reading x

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  3. i always find that writing is a lot easier and usually ends up with much more meaning when you’re drawing on real life events and people you know – i hope you feel this way too πŸ™‚ amazing poem, i felt it really spoke to me.

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      1. Welcome!
        It’s so nice to read your poetry as it has a very clear, distinct style and it’s so awesome to see you improving and experimenting with different themes πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»

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  4. This is such a powerful poem! And it’s so sweet of you to dedicate it to your mother. Also, don’t worry about posting so much as I love reading your posts! This poem was beautiful!

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  5. This is a raw and a delicate poem, written beautifully. The thought behind it is what makes me so much more incredible! You definitely write more, because your style and expression is unique and holds so much potential πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ – Michelle

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    1. WOW this was so lovely to read and considering that you’re not normally into poetry thank you for taking the time to read mine anyway it means a whole lot πŸ’œπŸ’œ


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