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The Internet Hotel Café ep. 2

My cat is currently crawling all over me, so I am finding it very difficult to type – apologizes in advance for any typos. Anyway, welcome back to The Internet Hotel Café! I am so glad to open the  Café’s doors once more, I really love it when you guys come and visit me here. Take a seat in my metaphorical café and one of my lovely employees will be with you shortly. This weeks questions are at the bottom of the post, you are very welcome to leave an answer in the comments.

Below are the new festive editions to the menu. If you would like to view  the original menu click here – it should hopefully open up in a new tab.




Mulled wine – Warming and filled with the rich flavours of Christmas that will send you into an alcohol assisted doze.

Ridiculous Hot Chocolate – What is Christmas without Hot Chocolate? Steaming cocoa, made from the finest of Belgium chocolates,  topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, a chocolate flake, a candy cane and fairy dust. Measured in a gigantic mug, with a festive design of your choice and served with a selection of your favourite biscuits (at request).

Hot & Cold Savories

The Christmas Dinner – We’ll do it just as you like it! Tell us about your traditional Christmas Meal and we will try our best to recreate it. I promise our version will not disappoint!


Christmas pudding – Sticky currents and juicy plumbs stuck together in this tantalizing festive treat. Dripping in brandy sauce and burning bright in rainbow flames this Christmas pudding is something to remember.

Mince Pies – Soft crumbly pastry encasing sweet and lightly spiced currents and berries. Dusted with icing sugar and slightly warmed, these Mince Pies will have you head over heels with festive joy.

The Cheese board – . A firm classic set amongst many Christmas buffets, but this cheese board is like no other. With 34253253533 different cheeses, including:

  • Stilton you can smell approximately 10 miles away.
  • Sprout cheese, which is 95 % sprout.
  • 476 types of Brie, every single one fluent in French.
  • Every single cheddar brand known to man.
  • Cheese on toast, cheesy beans, cheese and potato…
  • 7900 chutneys, including Pixie Chutney (not made with real pixies), Genius Chutney (improves intelligence by 45%)  and Festive Spirit Chutney.

Edible lush bath bomb: This time of year – the festive Lush bath bombs look good enough to eat! Well now they are! Every single Christmas Lush Bath Bomb ever produced made into a marvelous pudding.

The Café’s question (s):

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?


What are the values you try to live by?


Thank you so much for visiting the Café! Feel free to order your meal below and answer the Café’s question(s). IT’S A WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS OH MY! I AM TOO EXCITED, I CAN’T HANDLE…

Thank you so much for reading,



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7 thoughts on “The Internet Hotel Café ep. 2

  1. Hey lovely! I am so glad I’ve found your blog, it is utterly wonderful and every post just fills me with joy and a smile! You seem like such a lovely person and I would love to become better friends with you 🙂 xx

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